Leni Klum and Aris Rachevsky Make Their Fashion Week Couple Debut

Leni Klum and her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky holding hands
Photo by Arnold Jerocki/GC via Getty Images

For models, there’s no better place than fashion week to put their relationships on the map. Seven months after posting what remains the only photo of him on her Instagram feed, Leni Klum proved that she and Aris Rachevsky are still growing strong by bringing him along to Tuesday night’s About You show in Milan. Since they’ve so laid low—the 18-year-old model didn’t even feature him in her below Instagram of the evening, instead posing with her supermodel mom Heidi—that the outing made for a rare look at their couples style in the three years that they’ve been together. Both wore baggy pants, with Klum in a Cultnaked pair made of black leather and Rachevsky in cargos.

So, who is Aris Rachevsky? For starters, he was born in California to Rhea Rachevsky, cofounder of the creative agency Early Morning Riot, in 2003. According to his Facebook page, he went on to study at Harvard University. You won’t find out much more about him on his Instagram; he’s only posted six times, though that’s been enough for him to rack up more than 38,000 followers. And while he does have an IMDb page, Rachevsky appears to have given up on acting after making a cameo in the small 2016 film Dirty. From what we can tell, these days, Archevsky spends most of his time playing hockey, going shopping with Klum, and playing Wordle.

Leni Klum and boyfriend Aris Rachevsky are seen during the spring 2023 season of Milan Fashion Week on September 20, 2022.

Photo by Arnold Jerocki/GC via Getty Images

For those wondering why it’s the first time we’ve seen Klum and Rachevsky attend a show together in the roughly three years that they’ve been quietly dating, that’s because Klum is relatively new to this whole modeling thing. She’s only walked two runways since making her modeling debut on the cover of German Vogue alongside her mom at the start of last year—though given that they were both Dolce & Gabanna, we wouldn’t be surprised if the brand’s spring 2023 showing on Saturday makes for no. 3.