Natasha Lyonne Provides a Masterclass in Oversized Suiting

Natasha Lyonne from Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll’
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans of Natasha Lyonne have been waiting three years for the return of the Emmy-winning dark comedy, Russian Doll. Not only to see what happens next to the gruff-yet-endearing Nadia, but because the return of a new season means the sometimes-elusive Lyonne would come back into our lives, and onto the red carpet. And now, as the release date for the show inches closer, that is exactly what we are getting—a whole lotta Lyonne—and we couldn’t be happier. The actress stepped out to promote her show over the weekend, hitting the red carper of the Deadline Contenders event, and in the process, she proved she is the ultimate cool girl.

Lyonne arrived to the red carpet in a deep brown, double-breasted suit from the California-based Amiri’s spring/summer ready-to-wear collection. The color is rich, but the fit is really what has us drooling. Perfect proportions allow this look to be both comically large, while also perfectly suited, and Lyonne manages to not get swallowed up despite her short stature. Lyonne posed perfectly with one hand in her pocket, her right foot cocked just so, and red-tinted sunglasses on her face, projecting an air of absolute nonchalance.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During the panel for the event, Lyonne was joined by her Russian Doll co-creator, Amy Poehler where the pair discussed what’s to come in season two. “Natasha’s writing and performance in season 2 is really about going deeper,” Poehler said, according to Deadline. “The show also goes underground in a really interesting way. Everyone’s going a little under, getting a little deeper, excavating. We’re taking off another layer trying to figure out what that little tiny last piece is.”

The second season of the series, which features multiple episodes directed by Lyonne herself, will take on time travel as Nadia continues to unpack past trauma in order to move forward. “It’s almost impossible to be in this present moment they keep pitching you in therapy and self help books when you’re so bogged down by the past,” Lyonne said during the panel. “You go through life and throw all the discomfort in the backseat. Then you slam on the breaks and it all comes crashing to the front.”

Russian Doll season two premieres on Netflix on April 20th.

Courtesy of Amiri