Paul Mescal Has a Risky Business Moment In Just His Boxers

Paul Mescal is seen front row at the Gucci Men's Spring Summer 2025 Fashion Show during the Milan Fa...
Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Milan, meet Paul Mescal’s thighs. Mescal, known for wearing teensy shorts around New York and London, brought his signature thigh-baring look to Milan Fashion Week today. All the while proving that men, too, can dabble in the exposed underwear trend.

Mescal took to the front row of Sabato De Sarno’s spring 2025 menswear show on Monday. The actor kicked off his outfit with a partially buttoned blue dress shirt. But the main attraction of Mescal’s look proved to be his teensy pinstripe shorts which could have easily doubled as a pair of classic boxer briefs. Mescal’s cotton shorts finished just around the mid-thigh area and couldn’t help but bring Tom Cruise’s iconic Risky Business wardrobe to mind. The actor rounded out his look with square-frame sunglasses, black penny loafers, and some exposed white socks for good measure.

Underwear-as-outerwear has taken celebrity dressing by storm over the past months. And while the look is usually reserved for women, often on the red carpet, male stars have dabbled in the trend, too—such as Troye Sivan who flashed his Prada boxers at the Cannes Film Festival. For someone like Mescal, whose preferred shorts length already verges into boxer territory, the look is a natural fit.

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Later on, Mescal mixed and mingled with the afternoon’s star-studded attendees. The Irishman snapped photos with tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams who were decked out in De Sarno’s signature shade of Gucci Rosso. Venus, for her part, slipped into a maxi-length white set that she styled with a red leather trench atop her shoulders. Serena picked up on the Bordeaux color of Venus’s coat with a structural handbag before rounding everything out with a pale pink power suit.

Fittingly, for Mescal’s debut Gucci campaign back in November, he wore a similar pair of blue boxer briefs to the ones he showed off today. Perhaps, it won’t be long until Mescal is spotted rocking some Gucci skivvies during one of his infamous Sweetgreen runs.

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images