Platinum Jewelry That’s Designed To Be Lived In

by Erin Cunningham

Platinum Born

Every Platinum Born jewelry collection offers an opportunity for self-expression, and the brand’s latest campaign is celebrating individuality in an entirely new way: It’s all about celebrating yourself with jewelry that makes you shine.

“[Our] Born Leaders [campaign] marks the next evolution of Platinum Born and reflects a strategy to redefine platinum as the jewelry for every day and everyone,” says Rebecca Moskal, Vice President of Marketing for the brand. Platinum Born, which offers pieces handmade in Japan by skilled artisans, combines high-quality materials and innovative technology to create an array of versatile designs that speak to its overall vision: every person — and piece — is extraordinary.

Platinum Born

Shot by legendary photographer Cass Bird, the lineup of “Born Leaders” includes a range of influential women. Melanie Masarin of Ghia and Pritika Swarup of Prakti Beauty are seen alongside sea captain and entrepreneur Shannon Carleton, fashion and creative director Rajni Jacques, veteran journalist Soledad O’Brien, and impact architect Winter BreeAnne. The group doesn’t just highlight the power of women and what they’re able to achieve when they harness that power, but also the pieces that make them feel their best.

Platinum Born

Featuring inspirational women as unique and multifaceted as the items they choose to wear, the brand aims to inspire audiences to see platinum jewelry in a new way: These women are breaking stereotypes that the precious metal must be reserved for special occasions. In celebration of themselves, they’re reimagining it for every day — no reason or milestone required.