Pomellato Leans Into the Joy of Fine Jewelry

by Christina Holevas
Artwork by Patrick Waugh

Pino Rabolini founded the Pomellato jewelry brand in Milan in 1967. Rabolini, who at the time was a young heir to his goldsmith family’s legacy, was intent on modernizing traditional jewels to suit a new customer. Arguably one of the first to introduce the concept of “pret-a-porter” into the conservative world of jewelry, Pomellato positioned itself as a brand that women could buy for themselves and wear for any occasion, formal or not. Rabolini’s first and most fundamental instincts continue to be part of Pomellato’s appeal today. Color, joy, craftsmanship and a distinct lack of pretension are all hallmarks of the brand.

In 2020, Pomellato made its first foray into the high jewelry space with La Gioia di Pomellato (translation: “The Joy of Pomellato”). The collection is distinctly in line with the house ethos of ease and approachability. Rather than distancing its high designs from its signature classics as many jewelers are known to do, Pomellato fuses the two worlds together with La Gioia, thus creating not a new category of jewelry but a natural extension of the brand. It’s a refreshingly wearable take on high jewelry—something that many seem to gravitate towards. At this years Oscars, Tiffany Haddish, working with the styling duo Wayman + Micah, accented her Dolce & Gabbana gown with the Little Princess chain from the collection—a stunning white gold and diamond drop necklace featuring a large emerald. And she’s not the only actress to be seen wearing Pomellato. Regina King, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Oh have all recently worn the brand as well.

The latest capsule collection, La Gioia 2022, is comprised of new pieces representing Pomellato’s most successful and iconic high jewelry designs in a range of new colorways that take inspiration from the winter and the night skies. Among the designs included are the “Re-Loved Chains.” a reworking of the brand’s iconic Catene bracelets, that have been combined and transformed into colorful necklaces. The color-blocked pieces are set with 1,488 colored stones including sapphires, spinels, aquamarines, and emeralds. The Baravole necklace adds a modern edge to the capsule, with layered chains in steel grey titanium and white gold.

“Pomellato’s masterpieces have been approached as monochrome paintings, in a cold color palette inspired by photographs of the moon and winter landscapes,” creative director Vincenzo Castaldo explained in a statement. “I imagined a winter’s tale where the twilight radiance of the white gold and diamond jewels illuminate the face in a new way.”

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