Photos: The SAG Awards 2016: Diary of a Celebrity Styling Duo

How Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson dressed Kiernan Shipka, Sofia Vergara, and Julianna Margulies for the carpet.

SAG Stylist

We’ve wanted to work with the Vera Wang team on something new and relatively different for Sofia Vergara. She wanted the dress to be clean, modern and this exact shade of fuchsia. The fit was spectacular and everything we dreamed it to be – a bit of a rarity as her body is so specific but Vera’s team are masters in corsetry. Aside from a few nips and hems, the gown arrived ready to walk the carpet.


4 p.m.: Sofia LOVES Charlotte Olympia shoes and our assistant Dawn found these “very Sofia” platforms at the CO store in Beverly Hills. The pink satin lips matched perfectly with the color of the Vera Wang gown. Sometimes it’s nice to add a little humor to a look.


6 p.m.: We couldn’t do this job without each other for many reasons not the least of which is the ability to tag team with the clients, especially during award season. We switch off and on with fittings, day of duties etc. Jill went to the final fitting when Julianna landed from New York and Jordan went to Sofia’s. On Saturday we swapped spots!


10 a.m.: Last minute dress touch-ups at Chez Sofia’s. Not a lot more we can say about this except for ‘Wow.’ Kylee Heath, Sofia’s hairstylist used a pic of Sofia’s hair in the 90’s for reference. And frankly she hasn’t really changed a bit from a picture taken 20 years ago.


11 a.m.: Nami has been den mother at Neil Lane for 14 years. We send her a pic of the dress and she puts together a selection. She has exquisite taste so rarely do we need to add or subtract from her pulls.


12 p.m.: Final touches were decided Saturday before Kiernan started glam. A couple Irene Neuwerth rings, Dana Rebecca earrings, Sophia Webster shoes and a Jimmy Choo bag and we’re done. Time to get in the makeup chair!


1 p.m.: Back at Sofia’s. You can be sure two things will always be present on the day of an award show with Sofia – lots of food, and lots of jewels.


1:30 p.m.: At Julianna’s, we’re setting up accessories in the hotel. Sometimes we don’t decide on shoes and bags until the final moments before a client leaves for the awards ceremony.


2:30 p.m: What is going on here? Jill is working in the stiff backs of Sofia’s shoes for the show amidst the sea of jewels. Sofia teaches us lots of tricks. If the acting thing doesn’t work out she would make an incredible stylist.


3:45 p.m.: Time to go to the show! We knew when Antonio Berardi’s team confirmed this dress and we told Julianna and her publicist, we knew what she was going to wear. We went to New York to fit and came to her apartment with a rack of gowns and she asked, “What’s with all garment bags? I thought you decided what I was wearing?” All stylists fantasize about moments like that with clients! It’s rarely this easy but since we began working with her… this scenario has become quite common.


3 p.m: Yes. It’s true. Before every award show Sofia has a massive serving of desert.


3:30 p.m.: Kiernan’s out the door! Our little lady, all grown up. We’ve worked with her for many years and it is so fun and what this job should be all about. Like Julianna’s dress, we were pretty confident when Erdem’s team confirmed this gown for Kiernan. We’re so lucky to work with such talents as Ashley Streicher (hair) and Lauren Gott (make-up) whose work perfectly compliments ours.


2:30 p.m.: Meanwhile, at Julianna’s: there are glam squads . . . and there is Molly Stern and Marcus Francis. For some, the lead up to the award shows are tense and stressful. Not with these two. Oh and they are of the most sought after artists in town too!


5 p.m.: This is how we end every day after an Award show, drinking a rare vintage of Dom Perignon, draped in fine jewelry at David Webb at the Beverly Wilshire. This or crawling home, ordering pizza and passing out by 9 p.m. Only to rise the next day to begin prep for the next show, or press tour, or ad shoot. On to the next one!