17 Stylish, Sustainable Pieces to Add to Your Closet

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Sustainability and fashion have a tricky relationship. The global fashion industry produces enormous amounts of waste every year, and many brands have embraced sustainability as more of a marketing tool than as a central part of their production plan. Of course, the best way to lower the carbon footprint of your closet is to shop less, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping all together. Along with the huge rise in resale sites, and the “thrift-flips” proliferating on TikTok, it’s exciting to see emerging and heritage companies alike who are placing slow production, ethical working conditions, and recycled materials at the center of their process. Here, some of our favorite pieces from sustainable brands to put on your radar (and in your shopping carts).

Giant Vintage

Giant Vintage creates all of their original, retro-chic eyewear by repurposing vintage frames, reducing waste and guaranteeing unique pieces in the process.

Cou Cou

All Cou Cou Intimates pieces are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and all of the fabric is fully compostable.

Piper & Skye

Piper & Skye only uses skins from invasive species like wild American alligators and red pirarucu fish in their accessories—meaning an overall positive impact on the environment.

Savannah Morrow

Savannah Morrow uses sustainable fabrics like bamboo, Tencel, linen and peace silk in her laid-back, sexy designs, most of which are made in her studio in Los Angeles.


Azlee’s Sea Ring features recycled 18k gold and diamonds sourced from the seabeds of Namibia and South Africa, a process that avoids typically resource intensive mining.


Szade Recycled collects deadstock and faulty frames from China that would otherwise be bound for a landfill and brings them back to life.

Inez Valentine

Every product in this chic, minimalist swim line is handmade in Los Angeles from a combination of recycled PET (a material derived from plastic bottles) and high quality spandex to better resist the elements and retain shape.

F&H Studios

These hoops, like all of the jewelry from F&H Studios, are created with ethically sourced 18k gold and sterling silver.


Kamperett releases their pieces in limited, off-season drops which helps limit the number of excess pieces produced, reducing the brand’s ecological footprint.


Anaphe uses repurporsed and recycled silks, offers a carbon offset program, and donates a portion of some sales to environmental causes.


Behno, known for their super chic and vibrant handbags, practices ethical manufacturing from start to finish.

The Series NY

This piece from The Series NY, made from vintage crochet blankets, can be a top, a cape, or worn tied around the waist.

Memento Mori
Swedish Stockings

The tights and socks from Swedish Stocking are created from pre- and post-consumer nylon waste, and they encourage their customers to participate in their recycling program once each piece has reached the end of its life cycle.

Full Up Circle

This eco-conscious sneaker brand makes classic-looking, durable styles out of 94% recycled polyester yarn.


Themoiré, a finalist in the 2022 Sustainable Fashion Awards, uses all-natural, renewable materials like rubber, cork, apple leather and cactus to create unique, directional pieces.

PF Flyers

This American heritage brand is looking towards the future by using materials like vegan leather in their designs.

La Californienne

The Daybreak watch from La Californienne blends elements of fun vibrant colors with natural vegetable tanned leather and hand-painted straps, that create a timeless piece that will stand the test of time.

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