Eleven Stylish Pieces from Up-and-Coming Sustainable Brands

Juergen Teller

Sustainability and fashion have a tricky relationship. The global fashion industry produces enormous amounts of waste every year, and many brands have embraced sustainability as more of a marketing tool than as a central part of their production plan. Of course, the best way to lower the carbon footprint of your closet is to shop less, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop shopping all together. Along with the huge rise in resale sites, and the “thrift-flips” proliferating on TikTok, it’s exciting to see emerging and heritage companies alike who are placing slow production, ethical working conditions, and recycled materials at the center of their process. Here, W editors share some of their favorite pieces from sustainable brands to put on your radar (and in your shopping carts).

Viron Boots

Not only do apples keep the doctor away, but apparently you can make shoes out of them too! The Paris-based shoemaker Viron crafts the vegan leather alternative for their boots and sneakers out of apple residue from the food industry. They also use corn polymer, recycled rubber, and the smallest amount of virgin material possible. – Christina Holevas


Inez Valentine Bathing Suit

Every product in this chic, minimalist swim line is handmade in Los Angeles. The suits are made from a combination of recycled PET (a material derived from plastic bottles) and high quality spandex to better resist the elements and retain shape. – Laura Jackson

$180 for the set,

Momma’s Blues Jacket

The Stylist Hala Moawad makes these ultra-cool, one-of-a-kind jackets to order from jackets and scraps that she finds in vintage stores across Paris. High fashion and low waste! – Nora Milch

Made to order via their Instagram

Sophie Zamel Earring

Jewelry designer Sophie Zamel’s first collection is inspired by continuity and beauty in the alternative. Each of her seven earrings are made from 18K Fairmined Eco Gold, and she is committed to adopting stringent sustainability measures at each level of the supply chain by partnering with like-minded specialty suppliers globally. – CH


Warp + Weft Jeans

Warp + Weft is a family-owned company that has been making denim for three decades. While a traditional jean takes 1,500 gallons of water to make, each pair from Warp + Weft only uses 10. They also abstain from environmentally harmful bleaching practices. – Julia McClatchy


Pangaia Recycled Cashmere Hoodie

I have tried my fair share of pieces from sustainable brands and this is by far the most sleek and comfortable. The recycled cashmere (made from post-consumer cashmere sourced from garments collected across the U.S. and Europe) feels absolutely divine, and the color palettes are always rich and gorgeous as well. By far the most responsible sweater you will ever own. – Jenna Wojciechowski


Octavia Elizabeth Necklace

All of Octavia Elizabeth’s elegant, durable jewelry is made start to finish in Los Angeles, in studios with fair working conditions and legitimate living wages. – Allia Alliata di Montereale


Swedish Stockings Tights

Swedish Stocking calls themselves the only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide, with a mission to change and influence the entire category. Their tights and socks are created from pre- and post-consumer nylon waste, and they encourage their customers to participate in their recycling program once each piece has reached the end of its life cycle. – CH


Backbeat Sweatshirt

With winter well underway, layering for dropping temps is imperative. Made from recycled cotton for a low environmental impact, this sweatshirt will keep you cozy all season long. – Sophia Martin


Masha + Maria Coat

Masha + Maria is a Dutch upcycling brand founded in 2017. Each piece they make is handcrafted and unique, made from found materials like vintage blouses or traditional woolen blankets. This cozy winter jacket was created from a fetching plaid throw. – Andrea Whittle

360 euro,

Gil Rodriguez Sweatpants

This brand, founded by former American Apparel designer Eliana Gil-Rodriguez, prides itself on being a part of the slow fashion movement. All of their products are made locally in Los Angeles, by skilled workers who make a living wage in safe conditions. They use high quality fabrics—from local mills whenever possible—to construct classic pieces that are built to last for years. – CH