Timothée Chalamet Makes a Women’s Prada Jacket Hypebeast-Appropriate

Timothee Chalamet in womens jacket.
Via @TChalamet/Instagram

We all know Timothée Chalamet has a thing for Prada’s nylon outwear. The reigning prince of cinema has been spotted out and about in New York City in black Prada coats for years now, and they’ve become something of his street style trademark. The first time we saw him in one, we wondered if perhaps he had been inspired by Frank Ocean’s 2019 Met Gala look, especially since Chalamet once opted to wear nylon Prada to the Oscars. But apparently, the Dune star has decided it was time to extend his Prada jacket collection both beyond dark hues and the men’s section.

On Wednesday, Chalamet posted a photo of himself wearing a pink, cropped Prada jacket from the women’s collection. The rest of his outfit, however, was in full “Lil Timmy Tim” mode—and Chalamet managed to make the piece look rather hypebeast-appropriate.

The jacket in question is Prada’s pink light polyester windbreaker from the women’s side of their Linea Rosa collection. He paired it with a grey Louis Vuitton scarf over a basic heather grey sweatshirt. His Adidas track pants, tucked into his socks (naturally,) lead to a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers. Chalamet unveiled the fit in an Instagram story in which he was posing in front of a movie theater displaying posters for both of his recent films, Dune and The French Dispatch (it’s a habit he’s grown fond of this week—and, hey, it’s a big moment for our favorite young leading man, let him have it). From the looks of it, he appears to be at an Odeon cinema, a popular theater chain in the UK. That would make sense—he’s filming the Willy Wonka origin story in the country.

Via @TChalamet/Instagram

Chalamet’s choice of a women’s jacket is a reminder that borrowing from the other side of the boutique doesn’t have to be complicated or necessarily mean a total reinvention of your own style. Just take what you already love (in Timée’s case: Prada outerwear) and if your eye happens to lead you to something technically marketed toward another gender, so be it. You can still style it in a way to make it completely your own. Chalamet may be wearing a women’s jacket, but does he not look exactly like the street style Chalamet we’ve all come to know by now, anyway?