Celebrities Welcome Trench Coat Season With Open Arms

Katie Holmes in a trench coat in New York City
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Fall is officially upon us, and it feels like overnight, street style has transitioned from sleeveless tops to turtlenecks. While some may be reluctant to put those bikinis and sundresses in storage in preparation for the cooler temperatures to come, there can be something very fun about autumnal dressing. While summer can often be about wearing the least amount of clothing you still feel comfortable in to stay cool during the searing temps, cooler weather allows you to have a bit more fun with fashion, and to layer up in sweaters, boots, and tees. At this point, we’re only a few days into fall, but it has already become clear that one piece is becoming a closet staple for all your favorite celebrities. This season, it’s all about the trench.

Of course, trench coats are nothing new, they have literally been around for forever, and their staying power is likely thanks to their classic nature and versatility. A good, tan cotton Burberry trench can elevate any look, while a black leather one will always add a bit of edge. Clearly, the celebrity sect agrees because the amount of paparazzi shots featuring the piece has skyrocketed over the past week or so.

And while hardly a season goes by where Burberry doesn’t send a take on their classic cotton trench down the runway (and spring 2023 was no exception), it seems like this season, leather is back on top. Yes, that means we are once again seeing a lot of Matrix-esque ensembles, but not all these leather pieces are black. Katie Holmes proved that to be the case last week when she embraced the more classic trench color and look at first glance, but the vegan leather of her tan Jonathan Simkhai coat adds a welcome edginess. The timeless dresser paired the piece with a white button down and jeans, making the coat the centerpiece of the outfit. Holmes wasn’t the only one to embrace the look. In fact, actress Diana Agron had a similar idea when she stepped out in a more obviously-leather trench of a similar hue on the same day as Holmes.

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Of course, black leather trenches will likely never lose their popularity, especially among the model sect, who have come to embrace the style wholeheartedly over the past few years. Kendall Jenner led the way for the latest season with her more simplified version of a black trench, one that featured smaller lapels and no belt or pockets. The piece made for the perfect addition to her casual model off-duty look comprised of an all-white under-layer.

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And while Jenner kept it more relaxed, it was Bella Hadid who fully embraced the black leather trench aesthetic at the Burberry spring 2023 after-show party on Monday night. The model looked like she could easily join the cast of the next Men in Black movie with her oversized coat atop a white button down and black tie. The black sunglasses and leather boots added to the Matrix/spywear/alien fighter agent look.

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That leaves us with Emily Ratajkowski, who also went dark for her trench, but opted for the slightly more unexpected blue hue. The model looked very chic in her choice of coat, which she, like Hadid, paired with black leather boots. A Dior saddle bag was all that was needed to finish off this look, proving another benefit of the trench—sometimes, it’s the only piece you need for a great outfit, meaning if you throw one on, you can be out the door in minutes.

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Of course, the season is just beginning, so there will likely be many more trenches in our future. And if you’ve been considering investing in one for fall, take this as your sign that it’s time to join the trench train.

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