10 Natural Products That Will Make You a Knockout Beauty

CaylI Cavaco Reck
Courtesy of Knockout Beauty

The daughter of famed creative director Paul Cavaco, Cayli Cavaco Reck, 39, is a beauty industry insider by birth. Her new shop, Knockout Beauty, which opened locations in Bridgehampton last summer and on New York’s Upper East Side this past winter (and a counter at Bloomingdales SoHo this spring!), is everything you’d expect from someone who logged hours as a teen in Pat McGrath’s makeup chair. The brands that she stocks range from the little-known (Ellis Brooklyn, Lake & Skye) to the well-established (Colbert MD), but all contain ingredients that are “as effective as possible” while still being good for you, Reck noted. “We’re a very conscious beauty store,” said the entrepreneur, who also hopes to start a line of her own. “I’m attracted to the transformative qualities of color, but skincare is my passion.” Here, she shares her top picks of products that will have you looking (and smelling!) like a total knockout, from Moon Juice dusts to something she referred to as “nature’s botox.”


“A silver rich, illuminating, facial mist with hyaluronic acid with scientifically proven skin protecting copper peptides. The fragrance is BEYOND! I almost wish it were a perfume.”

Amly Silver Rich Face Mist, $52,


“I have breast cancer in my family so I have been on a natural deodorant quest since I was a teenager, to date this is my favorite. I like that there are two formulas, one with lavender and one without.”

Agent Nateur N3 Deodorant, $21,


“Odacité is a remarkable brand that has become very very dear to me. I have seen it transform skin including mine. I personally have almost the entire rainbow of boosters, but even just adding one to your regime that targets your skin goal will yield impressive results.”

Odacité CaR Wild Carrot Vital Glow Serum Concentrate, $55,


Lumity Vitamins, $105,

“The day complex contributes to collagen and elastin formation and repairs oxidative damage. The night complex naturally stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone which is essential for building muscle, bone density and healthy tissue. In the morning it puts your cells in action and at night in state of repair.”


“Nature’s Botox… Need I say more?”

La Crème Beauté Venom, $198,


“Before I opened the store I was in a meeting and the most beautiful fragrance was in the air. I had to stop the meeting because I could not concentrate and need

ELLIS BROOKLYN Fable Eau de Parfum, $100,


“I apply these in a heart shape on my cheeks for the perfect flush of color. There is something that is so joyous about putting little hearts on your face every morning. You truly can’t help but smile.”

Vapour Aaur Multi Use Stain, $36,


“I admired the founder April Gargiulo before I feel in love with the product. The integrity with which the brand is created is truly worth all of the hype. Once I tried it I knew it was special. I had a glow and vitality that hooked me, but then I woke up with smooth, soft, clear skin, which is when I made a permanent place on my shelf for it.”

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185,


“Pearl is the primary ingredient in Moon Juice’s runaway hit Beauty Dust. It is an excellent source of biocompatible minerals and amino acids. It has been know to inhibit the production of melanin, which is key for me because I am prone to melasma. Constant use can also eliminate blemishes and the glow is really sublime. Pearl also supports cardiovascular function as well as skeletal tissue and bones.”

Moon Juice Pearl Dust, $40,


“Skin likes to be happy and it is a natural mimic, essentially exosomes are the love notes that skin cells pass to each other making them fell good and respond in kind. Exosomes are not new, they are a part of our existing biology. What is new is the advancement in how to culture and use them. Exo pioneered the method for duplicating the exosomes that deliver the messaged that promote skin perfection.”

Exo Bio.Digital Perfection Moisturizer, $118,

Knockout Beauty

A view of Cayli Cavaco Reck’s new shop, Knockout Beauty in New York City.