The 2013 Emmy Awards’ Most Memorable Beauty Looks


Claire Danes’s faux bob: Danes fooled us all into thinking she’d gone Karlie on us, but her hair was just tucked in. Good thing, because Carrie’s hair is practically its own character on “Homeland.”

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Kelly Osbourne: Side fringe is hard. Especially when it’s separated from the rest of your hair.

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Rose Byrne, blonde? “It’s for a movie role and she doesn’t like it,” explained Harry Josh, who styled her Bianca Jagger-inspired disco waves last night (but is not responsible for the color). “A lot of prep work went into this hair,” says Josh. “We would’ve loved to have gone wilder, but crazy doesn’t read well editorially. When you’re in that stark sunlight or hi-def TV, crazy just reads crazy.”

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Kate Mara: The “House of Cards” actress’s sleek blunt bob was kind of perfection.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s natural beauty: With her slightly tousled but neat, gentle waves and glowing not-too-much makeup, the 52-year-old actress has become the poster child for timeless (ageless?) beauty.

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Lena Dunham, beauty rebel: Being a non-conformist must feel liberating, especially when it comes to makeup. No one wears that label like Lena. “I think because she’s usually frittering around half naked with no hair, no makeup, no nothing, it’s fun to get dressed up and just go for it,” explained makeup artist Jo Strettell, who created Dunham’s green smoky eyes. Not for everyone—but then we kind of love that Dunham seemingly couldn’t care less what we think.

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Sofia Vergara: I got a headache darting my eyes from Vergara’s Groucho-Marks bushy brows to her winged eye straight out of a junior-high production of “Swan Lake.”

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Elisabeth Moss: Platinum looks so much cooler and chicer in a fresh, short cut (ditto, Jane Krakowski) than when the hair is long and heavy.

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Zooey Deschanel: No one rocks the bangs like retro darling Deschanel, whose bouffant looked particularly tall last night.

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Betsy Brandt: Ok, fine. Betsy wins the highest hair award.

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