Stick to Your 2021 Resolutions With These Products and Programs

Directed and Photographed by Yorgos Lanthimos; Styled by Sara Moonves.

The promise of a New Year is always an exciting one, whether you’re the kind of person who routinely sets resolutions or the type who prefers to wait and see where the next 12 months take you. Personally, I fall into the latter category, but after a year like 2020, I’m looking to set obtainable goals rather than concrete resolutions; I want to foster friendships again after a year of distance, and work on limiting my screen time (last year was a tough one for that, too). But resolutions don’t have to be as daunting as they sound—instead, I’m choosing to see them as a promise to better myself in just a couple small ways. Sober curious, but unsure where to start? Ghia’s non-alcoholic aperitivos are a chic and flavorful way to try out the lifestyle. Looking to step back into a workout routine you left in 2020? Do it in style, with a cheery bra and legging set from Bandier x Solid and Striped. Maybe you’re like me and are tired of all the doomscrolling on your phone at night. Try Hatch’s soft glow light for a calming ambiance before bed—or switch to a Light Phone, a new kind of cell dedicated only to calling and texting, free from all the extra distractions. Whether you stick to your goals and resolutions for just a few weeks or really see them through the year, it’s never a bad idea to form a healthy habit. Start small with the below products and programs—we’re rooting for you!

Ghia aperitivo, $33,

Celebrate dry January with this non-alcoholic apéritif from Ghia. Made only from pure and natural extracts, enjoy a nice cocktail with the promise of a guilt- (and hangover-) free morning after.

Suck It Up cocktail straws, $85,

Slurp the aforementioned non-alcoholic beverage with a unique glass straw. Banning your use of plastic straws has never looked so fun.

Bandier x Solid & Striped bra, $78,; Bandier x Solid & Striped legging, $118,

While getting back into a steady workout routine can be tough, a wardrobe of bright and sunny colors may help to get you motivated. Try this set from Bandier x Solid and Striped.

Veritable Smart indoor garden, $189-$249,

Combat the dark and gloomy days of winter by taking your gardening skills indoors. Grow herbs, edible flowers, or small vegetables from the convenience of your own kitchen.

Portal Plus, $279,

While we continue to practice social distancing, stay connected with your loved ones on Facebook’s Portal Plus. Portal automatically adjusts to your movements, making the distance feel like you’re, in fact, a little closer to home.

Prada water bottle, $85,

Get your liters in with this chic stainless steel water bottle from Prada.

Book of the Month subscription, price dependent on subscription plan,

Knowing a new book is coming your way each month holds you accountable—this is a great way to start reading more if that was on your resolution docket.

Seed probiotic, $50 monthly subscription,

Choosing a probiotic can be daunting, but luckily Seed’s plant-based supplement makes it easy and effective. Subscribe and start feeling great.

Vertly bath salts, $29,

After a year like 2020, relaxation remains a priority. Create an at-home-spa with these CBD bath salts from Vertly.

Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader serum, $210,

Conduct an edit of your beauty cabinet in favor of more clean, truly good-for-you products. This luxurious serum by Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader should be front and center.

Hatch Restore smart light, $130,

Tired of waking up to the blaring sounds of your alarm clock? Wake up ready and refreshed with Hatch’s Restore light, a personalized device that helps promote better sleep and a more relaxed morning.

Saint Laurent yoga mat, $415,

Practice your downward dog in style, with this leopard print yoga mat from Saint Laurent.

Purple Carrot plant-based meal plan, price dependent on serving plan,

Ready to take meatless Mondays to a whole new level? Try Purple Carrots plant-based meal plan, a weekly delivery of healthy, colorful ingredients to prepare at home.

The Happiness Planner, $49,

Prioritize your mental health today (and always) with the help of The Happiness Planner. Each planner is designed to not only help you stay organized in the day-to-day, but to also help you take inventory of your own emotions and mindfulness.

The Light Phone, $299,

Embrace curbing your use of technology with The Light Phone, a new cellular device that only allows for calling and texting.

HAY crate set, $15,

Declutter your space this year with help from Hay. These crate sets come in a fun array of colors, an incentive to get your organizational juices flowing.