Extras, Extras!

All the headline-worthy accessories of the season.

Stella McCartney

Mark Rothko’s Untitled + a door knocker + watermelon sour candies = Gucci’s color- block case

Courtesy of designer, Getty Images Artists Rights Society.


Deborah Kerr’s houndstooth in Marriage on the Rocks + Moroccan slippers + Will Ferrell in Elf = Céline’s smart slip-ons

Courtesy of Celine, Everett Collection, New Line Cinema, and Shutterstock.


John Wayne’s chaps in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance + gold nuggets + a black-headed weaver = J.W. Anderson’s leg-warmer boots

Courtesy of designer and Getty Images.


The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team the Red Arrows + a first-aid kit + a snowshoe hare = Prada’s handy handbag

Courtesy of designer, Corbis, Getty Images, and Shutterstock.


Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dog sculpture + a Plexi-Craft acrylic chair + a pretzel = Stella McCartney’s neck knot

Courtesy of designer, Alamy, Getty Images, and Viyet.