Best Beauty Applicators


“EcoTools products are made from recycled and natural materials (like this brush’s chic bamboo handle), which is great for reducing your carbon footprint. The soft synthetic bristles also pick up just the right amount of product for easy bronzer application.” —Christina Han, Associate Beauty Editor


“Ah, yes, the fan brush—aka the Forgotten One. Typically a second fiddle to the more commonly used blush brush, this artfully crafted tool is great for applying a light dusting of face powder or the softest hint of cheek color—for when less is more.” —Christina Han, Associate Beauty Editor


“This was my first brush purchase back when bat mitzvahs ruled my seventh-grade social calendar. It’s been a trusty makeup-bag mainstay ever since.” —Christina Han, Associate Beauty Editor


“I first spotted this pink sponge in nearly every makeup artist’s kit when I began covering backstage interviews during New York Fashion Week nearly five years ago. Now it’s my go-to for seamlessly blending foundation, blush, and even eye shadow.” —Christina Han, Associate Beauty Editor


“I have never actually used this brush with bronzing powder, but I can attest to it being excellent for loose powder—and even blush. Suffice it to say, if I don’t have this brush with me while traveling, I’m lost.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“The better foundation is blended in, the more natural it looks. This brush’s smooth, dense bristles are great at working foundation into skin.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“I use this little brush two ways. First, as a depth shader: I apply a dark shadow with it in the crease of my upper lid for contour. Second, I dip it in a bit of water, swish it into a darker shadow, and line the inner rim of my upper eyelid.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Once you get over debasing a pristine white-hair brush, this one’s a gem. Its face is just wide enough to distribute a healthy amount of color without the risk of going all Baby Jane on your apples.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Its supersoft bristles belie the fact that they’re synthetic and not taken from some poor animal’s coat. More important, it feels so soft that it begs to be run all over your face. What I like most about it, though, is its handle length. Longer than most stubby, Kabuki-style brushes but shorter than most standard ones.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director


“Maybe it’s the shape of my nose-inner-eye area, but I am all thumbs when it comes to applying shadow to the inner corner of my lid without some of it landing on the bridge of my nose. The angled shape of this brush is perfectly curved to fit into that tricky nook.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director