I Still Want to Buy Fall Shoes Even Though I Barely Go Outside

Collage by W Magazine.

Despite having worked in fashion for the better part of my adult life, I’ve never considered myself to be much of a shopper. Rather than buying into trends, I gravitate towards well-made basics that I can keep for years, which usually keeps the shopping trips to a minimum. But if there’s one category that tends to be an exception to the aforementioned rule, it’s shoes. My weakness. I have to say, those well-made basics tend to look a lot better with the season’s newest footwear. This fall, in the midst of a global pandemic, my desire to step up my shoe game is completely ridiculous, since I almost never leave my house. But that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming. The longer restrictions last, the more I find myself fantasizing about what I’m going to wear when they’re finally over. Some of us escape by leaning into a Netflix binge, I fill an online shopping cart. Please, join me in the fantasy. Here are all the shoes I’m thinking about buying, even though I never leave my house.

By Far knee boots, $725,

Practical for a pandemic? Not really. But these cream knee-highs are going to look super chic with my vintage Levi’s tucked into them.

Bottega Veneta boots, $1150,

A tough lug-sole with a little pop of color. I’ll wear these for years to come.

Nike Airmax 270s, $181,

These Nikes give me Balenciaga vibes for a fraction of the price.

Khaite ankle boots, $890,

I can’t say anything bad about a sleek, black ankle boot. Classic.

LaBucq heeled loafers, $420,

I’ve been seeing these 90s-style loafers all over Instagram lately, and I want in on the fun.

Flattered ballet flats, $150,

A chic flat for padding around the house in. I think we can justify these.

Topshop lace up boots, $124,

A perfect combat boot in just the right shade of winter white? Don’t mind if I do.

Everlane clogs, $98,

Clogs were back on the runways this spring and, surprisingly, I found them quite chic. I would wear these with a thick, knit sock.

Hereu loafers, $425,

A t-strap loafer with a masculine twist is right up my alley. I’ve been dreaming of these shoes for a long time.

Justine Clenquet mary janes, $383,

I’m obsessed with the first shoe collection that jewelry designer Justine Clenquet launched this summer. These mary janes are calling my name.

Alyx derby shoes, $745,

Another shoe I’ve been dreaming of for ages but have yet to pull the trigger on. The Vibram sole is removable, so technically it’s two pairs in one!

Jacquemus mules, $570,

These Jacquemus shoes strike the ideal balance between comfy and cool (and a little bit crazy).

Crocs clogs, $88.36,

Never thought I’d say these words, but I stan a Crocs clog.