How Cardi B, Camila Mendes, and More Celebrities Spent Their Post-Christmas Holidays

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The best way to get through the holidays is by packing up your suitcase and traveling somewhere else. Just ask the many celebrities who spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home, only to hop on a jet and hit up a new spot the following day, and stay there until after New Year’s Eve. For example, once the Christmas presents were distributed to the family, Cardi B flew from one tropical locale (Puerto Rico) to another (Hawaii) for a performance with Snoop Dogg, before flying to Australia. As for the three famous Camilas—Camila Morrone flew from the wintery slopes to the tropics of Thailand, Camila Mendes joined her boyfriend and Riverdale co-star Charles Melton for a trip to Korea, and Camila Cabello got so over-hydrated she passed out in the airport in between après-ski activities. Lana Condor and Caroline Vreeland both opted for Paris, and Kaia Gerber spent her days in a sunny yet undisclosed vacation spot. All in all, 2018 was the perfect year to wrap up the Christmas holiday with a much needed respite somewhere else.


Janet Mock touched down in Mexico a couple days after Christmas for a holiday reprieve.


Kaia Gerber opted for a sunny albeit undisclosed vacation spot for her post-Christmas celebration.


Lana Condor left Los Angeles and spent her post-Christmas holiday in Paris.


Caroline Vreeland posed in front of the Eiffel Tower the day after Christmas in 2018.


Prince Jackson and his cousins went to Disneyland in Tokyo to spend the post-Christmas vacation together as a family.


Camila Cabello “got way too hydrated at the airport” after leaving home the day after Christmas.


Insecure‘s Kendrick Sampson went from Houston to Miami to Puerto Rico the day after Christmas, which means he spent most of his post-holiday time on an airplane.


Skaii Jackson took a dip in the pool in Thailand for her post-holiday getaway.


Catherine Zeta Jones and family hung out with some monkeys on a tropical island the day after Christmas.


Camila Mendes and Charles Melton played with puppies together in Seoul after the Christmas holiday.


Timothée Chalamet spent his 23rd birthday by the sea in 2018.


Rosario Dawson took a group trip to Ghana for her post-Christmas travels.


Stephanie Shepherd tried not to let the jet lag get her down in Bali after Christmas.


Cardi B couldn’t get enough of the macadamia nuts in Hawaii.


Shay Mitchell is ringing in the New Year in Japan.


Dua Lipa touched down in the Bahamas a few days after Christmas


The extended Jonas family went for a ski trip in Switzerland after spending Christmas in London.