9 Celebrity-Inspired Haircuts to Try Now

Even W editors aren’t immune to celebrity allure. See our favorite star-inspired haircuts here.

Jane Birkin

“The just-below-the-shoulder length, side part, and wavy texture of Olivia Munn’s ‘lob’ is perfection.” – Sarah Leon, Senior Web Editor

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“I have my first haircut in over a year this Saturday with Nunzio Saviano, and I’ve already started a mood board to explain the vibe I’m going for—lots of length and tons of body à la Claudia Schiffer, Brigitte Bardot, and Anna Ewers.” – Sue Williamson

Photo by Craig McDean.


“French director Jean-Luc Godard found his silverscreen muse in Anna Karina. I found my perfect summer bangs.” – Kat Herriman, Digital Editorial Assistant

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“I’ve recently become obsessed with Elle Fanning’s whole look, especially her smooth, single-length sheets of honey-blonde hair. The whole thing is a little bit Annie Hall, a little bit Marcia Brady—and hairstylist Teddi Cranford is onboard to help me do it!” – Katie Becker, Beauty Editor

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Kim Kardashian is the ultimate risk taker. Even though she’s already back to black, I loved the daring bleach blond bob she sported during Paris Fashion Week.” – Nora Milch, Accessories Editor

Photo courtesy of @KimKardashian on Instagram.


Jane Birkin—while not the most original—is my eternal hair muse. If a stylist asks for a reference, I’m quick to Google up a Birkin board. If only I could muster up the courage to channel her highlights as well!” – Mia Adorante, Associate to the Fashion and Style Editor

Photo courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Debbie Harry in the ‘70s. I mean what can I say, she’s one of the coolest badass women in rock n’ roll. Who doesn’t want to look like her?” – Lina Wahlgren, Associate Art Director

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“Drastic haircuts are tricky with curls, but Annie Clark (a.k.a St. Vincent) isn’t afraid to take risks. I’m not so sure I’d ask my hairdresser Melissa Hernandez at Devachan to help me go gray, although I am inspired by Clark’s chopped look.” – Emilia Petrarca, Associate Digital Editor

Photo courtesy of CNP Montrose.


“I love Robin Wright’s bob, but when it’s shorter. When it gets too long, it borderlines some kind of Harry Styles comb-over hybrid.” – Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director

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