How Trainers Train

Photographer: Patric Shaw

What do the professionals do to work up a sweat? Christina Han gets the skinny from some of the fittest figures in the business.

Photographer: Patric Shaw

Proprietor of New York’s SLT—“strengthen, lengthen, tone”—a workout based around the Megaformer machine, the latest evolution of the classic Pilates Reformer. (

Typical Workout: I try to run three miles once a week—nothing too crazy. Best Body Part: I’m very into my shoulders. Fitness Challenge: All my life it’s been my abs, but now I’ll say my love handles. My abs are pretty good right now. Guilty Pleasure: Warm cookies. Once I get a whiff, I absolutely cannot say no. Must-Have Accessory: Thera-Roll. It works wonders on tight muscles. Body Beautiful: I love Gisele Bündchen’s body. She’s not too skinny, and she has curves. I think because I never had a waist growing up, I admire women who have curves.

Photographer: Patric Shaw

As Madonna’s personal trainer, Manhattan-based Winhoffer has created dance-infused Addicted to Sweat classes for the pop icon’s Hard Candy Fitness locations in Moscow and Mexico City. (

Typical Workout: Dancing is a great way to get results. The movement is freeing, and you’re having fun. I train six days a week with my clients, with each session lasting between one and two hours. Best Body Part: My butt, for sure. It’s not just from my workouts. I do active contractions throughout the day: I hold my butt the way that I want it to look, then squeeze, isolating my muscles. Fitness Challenge: My abs. It’s the hardest place to tone—especially for women, because a lot of fat resides there. Guilty Pleasure: Billy’s Bakery banana pudding and Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies. Must-Have Accessory: I can’t exercise without my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Body Beautiful: Madonna, naturally, but also Nicole Kidman—she’s long and lean.

Photographer: Patric Shaw

A former dancer with the New York City Ballet, Manhattan-based Bowers trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan. Her Ballet Beautiful method, which focuses on toning the butt, thighs, abdomen, and arms while promoting good posture, is for nondancers as well. Bowers’s Ballet Beautiful book comes out in June. (

Typical Workout: I love to swim—or when I’m in L.A., I’ll mix in hiking; the hills are so beautiful there. Best Body Part: My legs, from dancing for so many years. That’s the nature of ballet. Fitness Challenge: I have to work hard on my abs, because my torso is very short. Guilty Pleasure: Cheese. And dark chocolate, which I eat almost every day. Must-Have Accessory: Split-sole ballet slippers. They can make leggings and a T-shirt feel chic. Body Beautiful: Sofia Vergara. Gorgeous figure and supersexy.

Photographer: Patric Shaw

Cofounder and fitness director of SurfSET Fitness, which offers a high-intensity workout done on mock surfboards to mimic the motion of wave riding. Currently in New York, with locations in the Hamptons and Santa Monica set to open this month. (

Typical Workout: I’m training SurfSET instructors now, but I still hike, swim, and surf in the ocean when I get the chance. Best Body Part: My triceps—it’s that pulling motion in a lot of the swimming and climbing I do. Fitness Challenge: Endurance. I’m just not a runner. I like short, fast, high-intensity workouts. Guilty Pleasure: Dark-chocolate-covered pretzels. Must-Have Accessory: I love my Polar heart-rate-monitor watch. Body Beautiful: Cameron Diaz. She’s athletic without being boyish looking.