Gallery Gals

This fashionable foursome straddles the line between art and commerce.

Fabiola Alondra
Stylist: Sarah Zendejas
Photographer: Biel Parklee

JiaJia FeiThe associate director of digital marketing at New York’s Guggenheim Museum can pull off some outrageous looks (just scroll through her Instagram, @vajiajia). But for the most part, Jiajia Fei, 28, sticks to what she calls “museum-nerd chic”—minimalist pieces by Isabel Marant or Helmut Lang—accentuated by statement eyewear, a snakeskin briefcase, and her bowl cut, which she has touched up herself every two weeks for the past seven years. “It’s a part of who I am,” Fei says. “I can’t possibly have any other hairstyle.”

Photographer: Biel Parklee

Andrea Neustein A young art dealer about town like Andrea Neustein, the director of Miguel Abreu gallery, on New York’s Lower East Side, needs to be fast, chic, and adaptable. Which is why Neustein—whose aesthetic role models are “fictional, sexually active, financially solvent older women” like Rosalind Russell in the 1958 film Auntie Mame—asked her designer friend Lucinda Trask to make her a one-look-fits-all uniform that’s as suitable for handling large artworks as it is for going out to dinner. “I wore this every day to work and to fairs and drinks in May and June,” Neustein says. “I’m not sure anyone even noticed.”

Neustein wears Rosie Assoulin suit, Lady Grey neck cuff, Bibi van der Velden ring, Hermes bracelet, her own tank top and shoes. Hair and makeup by Jacquelyn Grubbs for Parlor by Jeff Chastain.

Stylist: Sarah Zendejas

Fabiola Alondra You can spot the 31-year-old art-book publisher, who worked at Richard Prince’s Fulton Ryder shop and with the late bookseller John McWhinnie and who now runs Manhattan’s 303 Gallery’s new publishing venture, 303 In Print, by her waist-length mane. Fabiola Alondra likes to describe it using the words of Walt Whitman—“the beautiful uncut hair of graves.” It’s the perfect finishing touch to her sui generis style, which she sums up as part goth and part “vintage chilanga,” slang for the well-to-do of Mexico City, where she was raised.

Alondra wears Isabel Marant skirt, her own sweater, Louis Vuitton pumps. Photo by Nick Blumenthal.


Sonny Ruscha Granade The manager at Hannah Hoffman’s Los Angeles gallery takes after her father, the artist Ed Ruscha, who is something of an art-world style icon. “He cleans up nicely in a suit with sneakers and his signature bolotie,” Sonny Ruscha Granade, 27, says.“I admire how unfussy he is.” She favors young designers that also have a low-key West Coast vibe, like Raquel Allegra and Apiece Apart, and has no patience for the high-strung look of trendy gallerinas. “You’ll never catch me in heels taller than two or three inches.”

Granade stands in front of Matt Sheridan Smith’S Pattern portrait (cyclist), 2014. Photo by Vanessa Kowalski.