A Life of Style

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

While supermodel Kate Moss has appeared on countless magazine covers over the past few decades (including W’s November 2014 issue), it is her enviable rocker-chic style that most of her fan base tries to emulate. (With or without the help of her retro Topshop collaboration.) But, she’s not the only model who is known—and envied—for her off-duty style. Here, we count down 15 of the most fashionable models in history.


Twiggy One of the first models-turned-style icons, Twiggy’s minis and false lashes defined ‘60s fashion.

Photo by Traina Sal, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Penelope Tree Another swinging ‘60s icon was David Bailey muse Penelope Tree, whose signature babydoll face and long lashes announced her presence from a mile away.

Photo by Morrison Ray, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Claudia Schiffer German model Claudia Schiffer took her Brigitte Bardot-esque looks to the next level with a closet full of retro minis and knee-high boots.

Photo by Getty Images.


Linda Evangelista With their penchant for glamour and worldwide domination, no one was more stylishly daring than ‘90s supers. At the top, sat Queen Linda.

Photo by Mary Hilliard, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Moss’s career as a model is eclipsed only by her model-off-duty style. The super’s look has inspired countless designers—not to mention an eponymous Topshop collection. Campbell famously wore designer duds to her court-ordered community service in 2007—now that’s what we call dedication to fashion.

Photo by Getty Images.


Karen Elson The model, singer-songwriter and founding member of The Citizens Band adds a rock and roll edge to her red carpet looks.

Photo by Steve Eichner, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Erin Wasson Ripped jeans, skin-tight minis, and wild hair define this bad girl model, whose distinctive style has landed her styling gigs at Alexander Wang, a RVCA collection, and a hosting role on Bravo’s “Styled to Rock.”

Photo by Steve Eichner, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Agyness Deyn As the muse of Henry Holland, Deyn ruled the party circle of the mid-aughts with graphic tees and a menswear flare—a style she channels into her own line, Title A.

Photo by Getty Images.


Abbey Lee Kershaw With her multiple piercings, 50 shades of daring hair color, and penchant for velvet, the Australian model turns heads on the runway, red carpet, and the street.

Photo by Scott Rudd, courtesy of CNP Montrose.


Chanel Iman Iman looks as at home in a floor-length gown as she does in casual ankle boots and rock tees.

Photo by Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene.


Soo Joo Park Park is known for her street style, which, somehow, makes leftover runway makeup and vintage rock tees look like the coolest thing going.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding.


Hanne Gaby Odiele Another street style star, and nightlife staple, Odiele rivals even the most media-friendly fashion editors with her penchant for bright colors and bold silhouettes.

Photo by Adam Katz Sinding.


Cara Delevingne No model list would be complete without Miss Delevingne, whose unconventional style choices—a toothpick on the red carpet, a pizza-printed onesie, and pantless ensembles—never cease to make headlines.

Photo by Getty Images.


Aymeline Valade Aymeline Valade‘s role as Betty Catroux in the 2014 biopic Saint Laurent gave the model-turned-actress an opportunity to show her style chops. “We have a very similar way of dressing: androgynous, classic, minimalist,” Valade told W about her connection to the character.

Photo by Getty Images.