17 Father’s Day Gifts, Exclusively Handpicked by Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori

A Father’s Day gift guide is essential for daughters who want to pick out gifts for those dads who have impossible, particular tastes—how else would you know the exact pair of stylish socks or sleek cufflinks to buy before Sunday? This year, Lori Harvey, the supermodel daughter of comedian and Family Feud host Steve Harvey, exclusively shared with W the perfect picks for dad, just before the Harvey family travels to Dallas for their annual Father’s Day tradition. Though he may wear a lot of suits and formalwear, Steve Harvey tends to opt for backpacks over briefcases, and he’s learning to lean into a more relaxed look (he’s recently begun to turn into quite the sneakerhead, according to his daughter) so this year, casual clothes and accessories are definitely on the table. And while some dads (like, well, Harvey himself) may not be technology-obsessed, a monogrammed laptop case from The Daily Edited is a solid personalized gadget accessory for many. From a classic printed Salvatore Ferragamo tie to a spicy Louis Vuitton fragrance, this handpicked father’s day gift guide from Lori Harvey is the ultimate handbook for any man who likes to look good, smell good, and with a fine cigar in hand.

Bottega Venetta

Steve Harvey “literally always has a backpack with him. He puts all his little things in there before he goes to work in the morning—wallet, snacks for the day, green juice, all that good stuff,” says Lori. “Ever since I was a little girl, he’s always had some kind of backpack.” This stylish backpack features numerous storage compartments and is available in a variety of colors. Bottega Veneta backpack, $2,250,

Louis Vuitton

“My dad loves cologne. To the point where I make fun of him all the time because before he would go to work in the morning, he would spray so much cologne on himself,” says the scion. This fragrance by Louis Vuitton has hints of ginger, grapefruit and amber—a gift that keeps on giving all year long. Louis Vuitton cologne, $240,


Give dad a father’s day gift to remember with this timeless Cartier watch. Cartier watch, $6,850,

Boarding Pass

For the on-the-go dad, this unique luggage tag will be a gift that he can use on all of his travels. Boarding Pass luggage tag, $26,

Brunello Cucinelli

According to Lori Harvey, her dad is “getting more into casual wear now” and is trying to branch out his style with some more relaxed outfits. These joggers make the perfect travel or day-off pant for a busy dad. Brunello Cucinelli track pants, $109,


A true wardrobe staple that would make the perfect gift for every dad, whether his style is trendy or classic. Burberry trench coat, $1,926,


This nautical key chain would make a great accessory for dad to add to a suitcase, briefcase, or backpack. Prada key chain, $228,

Oliver Peoples

These polarized black sunglasses in Oliver Peoples’ iconic shape would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad who values classic style. Oliver Peoples sunglasses, $475,

Salvatore Ferragamo

“My dad has so many ties I think he doesn’t even realize how many he has,” Lori Harvey reveals about her father. But he can always use at least one more, because “that’s just a given, a staple, and you know he’ll love it,” the supermodel says. Surprise dad with this gray printed tie from Ferragamo, also available in a variety of color options. Salvatore Ferragamo tie, $190,

Thom Browne

Upgrade dad’s wallet with this essential classic from Thom Browne. Thom Browne card holder, $370,


A classic lighter featuring gold plated details is an accessory that every man needs. Dunhill lighter, $610,


With a fox head detail, these cufflinks add a unique touch to the stylish dad’s look. Gucci cufflinks, $470,

The Daily Edited

According to his daughter, Steve Harvey is not the most tech savvy, but he does have a need for a solid laptop accessory. This monogrammed laptop case is a perfect tech-related gift for those who aren’t so techy. The Daily Edited laptop case, $140,

1st Dibs

“My dad loves cigars. It’s something that he collects and is very big on,” Lori says. Originally created in the 1930s, this cigar box is a truly one of a kind gift. 1stdibs vintage cigar box, $1,139,

L.L. Bean

These fur-lined slippers are guaranteed to be dad’s house shoe of choice. L.L. Bean slippers, $79,


Steve Harvey has taken to finding style inspiration from all of his kids, apparently. “He’s actually getting more into casual wear now,” Lori says. “He’ll see stuff me and my brothers have on, and he’s like, ‘Oh, this is really cool!’,” so these true dad shoes, sneakers that are both stylish and sporty, make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Balenciaga trainers, $895,

Giorgio Armani

“My dad’s recently really gotten into nice pajamas,” Lori says. Some dads, like Steve Harvey, just want to be comfortable. A luxurious sleepwear update is a gift that dad might not think to treat himself to, but should. Giorgio Armani pajamas, $2,895,

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