A Sweet Red Carpet

W’s beauty director does her best Joan Rivers impression at the Fragrance Foundation awards.

Marisa Tomei Fragrance Awards

Are you sensitive to smell?

Marisa Tomei: Yes! One night, one of my co-stars wore fragrance on stage [in “The Realistic Joneses”], when she doesn’t normally, and it really threw me. Luckily it was a very pleasant scent and it added another dimension to her character. When I create my roles, I always pick something for my particular character.

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What fragrances do you love?

Gwendoline Christie: I have several favorites; I like to mix things up a little bit. I love Serge Lutens. I’m so entranced by his store in Paris! I love classics like Creed, and I also love Ralph Lauren and Clinique Happy. If Brienne of Tarth [her character on Game of Thrones] had a fragrance, it would smell like fresh grass. Let’s launch it tonight!

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What fragrance did your mother wear?

Coco Rocha: My mom wore a mix of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and Michael Kors. The other day I was there and I sprayed his fragrance on, and it brought back so many memories! [The connection] is so powerful!

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If Dexter had a fragrance, what would it smell like?

Michael C. Hall: It would be a very sharp, decisive smell. There would be blood, steel and plastic notes in it. It would be appropriate for a man or a woman, if that man or woman deserved to wear it.

And I imagine the tagline would be, “To Kill For?”

Hall: Oh yeah. Or “To Die For.”

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Who are you wearing?

Angie Harmon: Giambattista Valli

And what are you wearing?

Harmon: Diptyque 34—It’s heaven. I love a scent that comes in a room mist, in a diffuser, in a solid. I get so many compliments on it. Normally, during the spring and summer, I’ll go lighter and florally. This one is woodsy and it’s got a little bit of musk to it, but it’s still sexy for the summer.

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Shouldn’t there be an Eau de Church Lady?

Dana Carvey: There IS one. It’s called Satan’s Scent, and it’s in Nordstroms, Macy’s nationwide. I’m kidding; she doesn’t have one. Maybe Hans & Franz should have a fragrance. It definitely wouldn’t be a girly man scent.

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Since you’re a foodie, are you into gourmet scents?

Chrissy Teigen: Well, I was just laughing with my husband about this. I’ve never personally minded garlic breath, coffee breath, or anything that smells like food [on someone]. It’s the weird scents that I hate. I switch between Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge and Dior Hypnotic Poison. I remember smelling it on Stacy Keibler and was like, “Well, my goodness! What is that?” Five years later, I’m still loving it.

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Do you wear one fragrance, or do you own many?

Carine Roitfeld: I’m very faithful with my fragrance. For 20 years, I wore Opium [by YSL] and now I’m working on my own fragrance. It’s out in one year. I have it on right now.

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