Joy Ride

For W’s glamorous globe-trotter, it’s a fab, fab world.

Giovanna Battaglia

“I never thought I would own a biker jacket, but I couldn’t resist this special-edition one from Comme des Garçons, which reads, Live Free Die Strong Comme des Garçons. I wear it to work because it gives me strength, almost like red armor. Next, I’ll need a special-edition motorcycle to go with it—but only if it has a similar message written on the back.”


“I had this Gareth Pugh look on a shoot and tried on the headpiece to make sure the model would be able to breathe!”


“On my feet are the paper covers you wear on set so you don’t leave marks, but I prefer these Nike slides—they’re very glam-rock normcore.”


“Aren’t these YRU shoes the perfect futuristic disco accessory? I might save them for a rave in 2069, when I’ll be too old for high heels and will need something comfortable that’s still appropriate for clubbing.”


“Poppy Delevingne designed a capsule swimwear collection for the brand Solid & Striped and celebrated the launch with cheeseburgers and cocktails at the New York bar the Happiest Hour. Poppy is so sexy and funny—I asked her, ‘If I wear your bathing suit, will I become like you?’”


“I found these hair extensions in a Warren-Tricomi salon in Miami. I guess they’re for the woman who really wants the head- to-toe Balmain look.”


“When I visited the Storm King Art Center in New York’s Hudson Valley, the weather was dark and apocalyptic. So I posed in front of this Mark di Suvero sculpture very dramatically— as if we were the last two things on the planet.”