New Yorkers Say #ImWithHer

Lena Dunham

The results are in: New Yorkers are with Hillary Clinton. Throughout primary voting day on Tuesday, local social media celebrities like Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Julianne Moore all showed their support for the candidate on by posting photos of their “I voted!” stickers with the hashtag #ImWithHer. Lady Gaga gave Clinton a shoutout on Twitter, Sarah Jessica Parker put the sticker permanently on her door, and DJ Mia Moretti even posted that she flew back for the city just to cast her vote. While it was difficult to compete with the many voters #FeelingtheBern on Instagram today, clearly Clinton has many more New York fans IRL.


Who: Amy Schumer

Handle: @amyschumer

Caption: “Said go New York go New York go! #imwithher”


Who: Lena Dunham

Handle: @lenadunham

Caption: “I


Who: Yvonne Force Villareal

Handle: @yvonneforce

Caption: “Hell Yes #ivoted in a gown by @cynthia_rowley in route to @publicartfund gala! #hillaryclinton”


Who: Kristin Davis

Handle: @iamkristindavis

Caption: “Today is the #nyprimary . #imwithher but I respect everyone’s right to choose their own candidate . The important thing is to vote ! #freedom #vote”


Who: Julianne Moore

Twitter Handle: @_juliannemoore

Caption: “I just voted for @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer – vote today!”


Who: Audrey Gelman

Handle: @audreygelman


Who: Sarah Jessica Parker

Handle: @sjp

Caption: “And it feels so good…

X, sj

Ps and the folks working my polling place were the greatest. Helpful, friendly, good humored and you know it’s a long day and they are “fielding” a lot of questions. Made me proud.”


Who: Sarah Jessica Parker

Handle: @miamoretti

Caption: “Took the red eye flight just to get back to New York in time to vote baby! #Primaries #NewYork #VoteBabyVote”


Who: Justin Vivian Bond

Handle: @mxviv

Caption: “I am not a hipster, and I’ve never been one of the cool kids, but I’ve always been a feminist. Tomorrow I will have the chance to cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton, a strong Scorpio woman who is tough and fearless and who I believe will stand up for women, minorities, and the economically challenged. I am thrilled by the idea that she will finally shatter the misogynistic glass ceiling that has been preventing the world from evolving for way too long. Electing a woman as President of the United States could be a major step towards showing women and girls they have an equal chance at success in this world, to begin dismantling the patriarchy we have lived under for too long, and towards returning us to a much needed level of balance in the world -it could also be a complete fiasco, lol, but I’m willing to take the risk. Today, in advance of the New York primary I’m posting this because I’ve made up my mind that #imwithher. I am not looking for anyone else to lecture me or try to change my mind. Anyone who posts anything negative, patronizing, or condescending on this thread will be unfriended and/or blocked. This image of myself/Hillary Was created by @janwandrag GO HILLARY!!! #Hillary16”


Who: Wednesday Martin

Handle: @wednesdaymartinphd

Caption: “Do it today, NYC! See you at the polls. Time for a WOMAN president! Photo @carolinelabiner The Autry Museum of the American West #hillyes #NYC #Hillary”