Director Sacha Gervasi takes us inside his dramatic behind-the-scenes retelling of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield
Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“In this scene, as the opening-night audience reacts to a screening of Psycho, Hitchcock “conducts” them out in the lobby. A moment of Genius from Anthony Hopkins.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“The first time I encountered Tony in full Hitchcock makeup , he crept up behind me and said, in character, ‘Good evening.’ I must’ve jumped five feet in the air. He never tired of doing that to visitors on set.”

Photographer: Suzanne Tenner

Scarlett Johansson plays Janet Leigh, who, was Marion Crane, is a real risk taker. I think the role suited Scarlett beautifully. She’s like an old-fashioned movie star.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“A complicated scene during which Hitch crosses the stage in a fit of rage, bumping into everyone and everything.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“Toni Collette as Hitch’s ever trusty secretary, Peggy Robertson. Impeccable in every regard.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“Working with Helen Mirren—who plays Hitch’s wife, Alma—was a dream. Here we’re discussing the quality of the craft-services lunch.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“It was important to us that everything feel authentic. The research started months before filming and continued throughout the shoot.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“The beautiful Jessica Biel, who portrays Janet Leigh’s character’s sister Lila Crane in the original film. Jessica tried to borrow the getaway car.”

Photographer: Lauren Greenfield

“Our staging of the famous shower scene. I remember being unable to sleep the night I first watched the original. So when we built the stall on the soundstage, I took a nap in it.”