Get to Know the Entourage

Melissa Forde

You’re nobody until somebody, well, likes you. Meet the hardest-working BFFs on social media. You may not remember their names, but you may be following them—or their famous mentors.


Cheyne Thomas (@cheythom). Followers: 305,000. Insta-besties with: Miley Cyrus. These two crazy kids are 4eva. They even gave each other tattoos. So what if Cheyne is Miley’s assistant? And so what if gossips think he and Miley are cuckolding her man du jour—be it a Hemsworth or a Schwarzenegger—especially after they were photographed grinding onstage? Miley will regale almost anyone or anything with her derriere—just ask that poor giant teddy bear.


Melissa Forde (@mdollas11). Followers: 492,000. Insta-besties with: Rihanna. RiRi’s baddest girl from back home in Barbados is never farther than a blunt roll away, whether front row at Fashion Week or courtside at a Lakers game. Now she’s even got a bucket-hat collection for Wrkng Title, sold at Opening Ceremony, to call her very own. Everyone has to start somewhere; she chose up top.


Alexa Luria (@lexie1225). Followers: 414,300. Insta-besties with: Ariana Grande. A word of caution: If you take too many selfies with your BFF, you will start to look exactly like her. Of course, that may have been Lexie’s secret plan all along.


Lil Za (@theworldshero) and Lil Twist (@liltwist). Followers: 522,000 and 637,000, respectively. Insta-besties with: Justin Bieber. These rapper brothers and alleged roommates of the Bieb’s have been by his side during every step of the pop star’s descent into infamy. Za was busted for drug possession at Bieber’s manse, Twist for a DUI in Bieber’s car.


Courtney Barry (@courtneyjbarry), Raquelle Stevens (@raquellestevens), and Ashley Cook (@ashley_cook). Followers: 71,000, 62,800, and 130,000, respectively. Insta-besties with: Selena Gomez. These three may not quite have been the inspiration for Selena’s Spring Breakers cast—although, if you think about it, those girls seemed pretty wholesome at first, too. During the tough times when Taylor and Cara aren’t around, they’re always available to hang with Selena pool- or yacht-side.