Jake Gyllenhaal on His Way to Steal Your Girl Wins For Weirdest Celebrity Instagram of the Week

While some celebrities who usually command a lot of attention on Instagram have decided to defect from the app entirely (see: Kate Beckinsale‘s almost-blank slate), some of the usual suspects continue to entertain with their wacky, candid captions (see: Diane Keaton‘s daily outfit struggles). However, we’re seeing a trend in the ways celebrities who joined the platform later in the game: they’re just flat-out silly. A-list celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Julia Roberts are subverting our expectations of them and finally letting us in, and what we see is a couple of goofballs making Instagram fun again. It’s refreshing to see how unapologetically weird Gyllenhaal and Roberts can get, or how free Courteney Cox (another late bloomer when it comes to joining the world of Instagram) seems to feel when sharing a video of herself doing “late night ASMR” with her two dogs. Here, the wackiest celebrity Instagrams from this week.

Photo by @jakegyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal got one of those big boy toys to put in his garage.

Courtesy of @tavitulle.

Tavi Gevinson has a theory that Instagram’s algorithm prefers posts with faces (rather than still shots of brunch plates or buildings), and she’s worked her hypothesis into a brand pivot towards Instagram algorithm truther and Elizabeth Holmes impersonator. It’s performance art at its peak—just watch this video she posted for proof.

Photo by @tatianamaslany.

The Emmy-award winning actress Tatiana Maslany shared this surrealist depiction of Drag Race queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo in a desert (with the latter posed as a cactus) along with the caption, “The inside of my head.”

Photo by @drewbarrymore.

Drew Barrymore is practically begging her followers to adhere to the “gospel” of refraining to text your ex, as depicted by the text on a random stranger’s sweater that she saw when in Starbucks. “I wish this message could actually be an app on your phone to stop us when we are tempted,” she wrote in the caption.

Courtesy of @juliaroberts.

Julia Roberts has gone on the record to discuss an invention she created with her two teen children: the “faux boom” (faux boomerang). Every Friday, she shares a fake boomerang on Instagram (because she initially couldn’t figure out how to create one in the app), and this week, she’s all about the banana phone.

Courtesy of @joejonas.

Sure, the Jonas Brothers vibing to Kacey Musgraves’s “Golden Hour” on a private boat in Miami got the Internet’s attention, but not enough people celebrated Joe Jonas channeling Freddie Mercury in this video.

Photo by @diane_keaton.

As Diane Keaton continues to bless her followers with her daily style journey, she also remains candid about her “mistakes,” like the time she threw her wool jacket in the wash and accidentally shrunk it, only to still come out looking chic.

Courtesy of @carlysimonhq.

After deleting video evidence of the return of Gamerline, Carly Simon’s Irish alter ego, she decided to share this still image of herself instead.

Courtesy of @courteneycoxofficial.

Before this video was released, it was unclear how much Courteney Cox loved ASMR (and carrots).