Jane’s Addiction: All Dressed Up

What W’s beauty director, Jane Larkworthy, is hooked on this month.


Aesop makes the best creams and body washes, but it’s the brand’s mouthwash, Bain de Bouche ($25,, that I’m obsessed with. The bottle looks like an old-time whiskey flask, and the mix of spearmint, clove, and aniseed doesn’t overpower your mouth—instead, it leaves a subtle licorice-y flavor. Having given up what was once a pretty serious licorice habit, I welcome this less sugary way to get my fix.




A facial treatment with Nichola Joss (left) at London’s Sanctuary Spa ( is a memorable experience. Her technique is like shiatsu for the face: She digs her thumbs into your cheekbones inside and out to get muscles moving. It hurts, but I did look more chiseled afterward, and there was no bruising. She also works her magic on arms, legs, and abs—that’s why Hilary Swank, Keira Knightley, and Tilda Swinton rely on Joss’s diligent digits to whip them into red-carpet-ready shape.


W’s Bookings Director, Claudine Ingeneri (with Naomi Campbell), is always searching for products to tame her full head of tight curls. “My hair is very fine, but there’s a lot of it,” she says. So I had her test some curl-focused products for me. Free Your Mane Shampoo and Conditioner ($16 each, got a thumbs-up for not stripping her hair’s natural oils. She also loved Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls ($22, “It controls the frizz without greasing it up,” she says.


Narciso Rodriguez designs his scents with as much attention as he does his clothing. When he was working on his first fragrance, Narciso for Her, in 2003 (the picture is me with him at its launch), he insisted that musk be added to the chypre blend. The untraditional result was a warm and supersexy scent, making it an instant hit. His latest, For Her (left, $77,, keeps the musk, but the addition of peony, cyclamen, and jasmine makes it a lighter, more ladylike alternative.


My lips get very chapped in the winter, so I’ve been giving them some pampering. Kaplan MD’s new Lip 20 Mask ($48, contains botanical enzymes like cucumber, pomegranate, and papaya, which exfoliate, as well as marine collagen to give lips fullness. I applied it for the recommended five minutes before a black-tie event and my thin pucker did appear to “puck” a bit more. I’m also loving Royal Apothic Balmie Lip Conditioner ($18 each, It’s subtly scented and really thick; I even rub what’s left of the petroleum-free salve into my fingernails—which, founder Sean O’Mara says, has made some of his clients’ nails stronger.