Jane’s Addiction: On My Toes

What W’s beauty director, Jane Larkworthy, is hooked on this month.


Dior collaborated with the French sculptor and painter Vincent Beaurin to create the Bastet Eyeshadow Tablet (above, $210,, a trio of striking colors in a chic magnetic case. The shades—warm red Silex, bright blue Sapphire, and mustardy Saffron—are intense and shimmer-free, much like straight-up pigment.


Christine D’Ornano is the daughter of the Count and Countess D’Ornano, founders of the cosmetics and skincare brand Sisley, but once you cut through the French accent, the international VP of the company is disarmingly down to earth. She also has amazing skin, which she credits not to her DNA but rather to Sisley’s new Botanical D-Tox ($240, The serum, designed to be used for 30 days (the length of time for a typical skin-cell-renewal cycle), is packed with detoxifying peptides and stimulating extracts of ginkgo biloba and rosemary, along with calming chamomile and lavender. “It’s the perfect jump start for skin that’s superstressed,” D’Ornano says. I’m only on day 8 of my regimen, but already I’m seeing a big improvement in the redness department.


When it comes to Hermès fragrances, I gravitate toward the classics, like the sultry Amazone or the woodsy Calèche. And I’m betting the new Jour d’Hermès (far left, $149, will soon join that canon. The company’s perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena, describes it as “a profusion of flowers,” but he’s keeping the exact recipe under wraps. (I detect orange blossom and gardenia.) The lovely bottle comes courtesy of Pierre Hardy, who has been designing the house’s shoes and jewelry since 2001. Other noteworthy newcomers (from left, starting with second bottle): Manifesto by YSL Beauté ($102, This tangy lily of the valley and jasmine mix has a kick of fruit. See by Chloé ($98, A light floral with bergamot, apple blossom, and jasmine. Green by Terveer ($185, Grassy and leafy with a surprising hint of fig. BS 03 Eau de Toilette by Lurk ($245, Sandalwood warms up this bergamot-and-lemon concoction. Marni ($155, Rose, pink peppercorn, and ginger create a bright, bubbly scent. Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1932 ($230, Named for the brand’s first High Jewelry collection, this woodsy jasmine scent reminds me of the beach. Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta ($115, oscardelarenta .com): A white-floral blend dominated by stephanotis and lily of the valley.


I have always been fairly uncoordinated—as in, the-last- picked-during-gym-class uncoordinated. So I’ve been quite proud of my dexterity with the Megaformer, an aerobics type of Pilates class offered at SLT studio in New York. Still, I’ve been doing a little research into no-slip shoes. Blake Brody In-Studio Footwear ($105, makes this model (right), which is as cute as it is grippy. The Nike Studio Wrap pack ($110, comes with flexible neoprene Studio Wrap slippers, a separate sturdy grosgrain ribbon that you can tie around them for added arch support, and even sturdier Studio Flats, which I wear on days I decide to walk to SLT.


You know those women who wouldn’t be caught dead without lipstick? I’m not one of them. However, two innovations might just make me a convert. Nars’s Satin Lip Pencils (left, $25 each, glide on like gloss but aren’t tacky or even, well, glossy—the color sets within seconds for a clean matte finish. Era Lips ($22 for a packet of 45, is lip stain sealed into sheets of tissue paper. To apply, lick your lips and blot. Era founder Yolanda Halston was inspired by her mom, who used to “color” her lips by pressing them with red tissue paper because her parents wouldn’t let her wear makeup. Footer: Still Lifes photographed by Marko Metzinger; All Others Courtesy Of Jane Larkworthy; Jane Portrait: Photographed By Victoria Will; Hair And Makeup By Lindsey Williams At Artistbytimothypriano.Com