Jennifer Fisher Takes Savannah

Jennifer Fisher SCAD

Last week, jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher headed down to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia for SCADstyle, an annual celebration of innovation in design. In addition to speaking on a panel about visual media, Fisher visited the Oscar de la Renta exhibition, walked around campus, and explored the city. Tag along on her trip here.


“I loved visiting the jewelry department at SCAD, seeing the amazing facilities and interacting with the student work. This picture highlights one of the projects by Sarah Osterheld, a student. It’s a triptych of multiple lip injections, and the student encouraged onlookers to interact with the lips and take selfies. We had fun with it.”


“The parks around SCAD are the greenest and most lush I’ve ever seen—it was a nice change from the cold, grey weather that I left in NYC. My coordinating Victor Alfaro green culottes and vest were a happy accident.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“One of the highlights was touring the Oscar de La Renta exhibition, curated by Andre Leon Talley, but the SCAD Art Museum itself was also amazing! I loved walking through the exhibitions and was very impressed with the talent that SCAD has attracted and curated.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“I had an Alice In Wonderland moment in this hallway. It also gave me some interior inspiration—now I want to cover my walls and floors in the same print.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“One of the highlights was meeting all the girls from the jewelry program after our panel discussion. The students told me that they’re actually studying my line for their final projects! That was so flattering. I even had the opportunity to go with the students to a class and see their work. It’s exciting to connect with young talent and I found it so rewarding to share my experience with them.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“This was my favorite installation at Poetter Hall. All students that apply and tour the school hang a wish on the installation.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“I was blown away by the level of detail in each building at the school.” Photo by Chia Chong.


“This picture was taken at Magnolia Hall, where we stayed, right before I left to head back to New York. It’s the epitome of Southern charm! Every room had different themes and we had so much fun hanging out in the parlor after dinner. It felt like sleep away camp for designers – I was in great company with Brett Heyman (of Edie Parker), Steven Alan, Irene Neuwirth, and Juan Carlos Obando!” Photo by Chia Chong.