Mary Phillips’ Must-Have Products For Flawless Skin

Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist reveals the secrets to a flawless complexion.


La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, $110,

“AKA – my latest obsession! I like to mix a little bit of Beige and Honey on myself. It is some of the most skin-like foundation I’ve ever used.”


Olly Flawless Complexion, $14,

“If you’re taking these as directed, and taking care of yourself in general, this creates a stunning canvas for me and cuts our prep time down by a lot! Again, taking care of yourself makes all the difference.”


La Mer The Illuminating Eye Gel, $150,

“I love all of their eye creams and balms, but for everyday use when you’re running out the door to go to work, this stuff is the best. It might even get you out the door without concealer!”


BECCA Beach Lip and Blush Tint in Fig, $25,

“Just a little bit on the apples of the cheeks. Your skin can look incredible, but if you add natural dose of color to already stunning skin, the results are out of this world. And that’s the great thing about amazing skin, it doesn’t need much makeup!”


bareMinderals GEN NUDE Under Over Lip Liner, $16,

“Same as what I said with the blush, just with fresh skin, and baby toned lips. I just love a nude liner. Shape and add definition to the mouth a little bit, and just throw on a balm or gloss. Your skin immediately looks brighter!”


La Mer The Concealer, $75,

“For me, I apply under the eyes, underneath the brow-bone, and a little bit around the nose and mouth, a tad along the jaw.”


Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers, $12,

“To remove excess shine, these are a must! Glowing skin is great, but sometimes there’s a fine line. To blur that, you need these!”


La Mer Crème de la Mer, $210,

“My always and forever. It transforms everyones skin. Don’t forget the neck!”


beautyblender original, $20,

“These are such a hit because they work. As any makeup artist will tell you – blending is key! I like to use them both wet and dry.”