17 Dreamy Jewelry Pieces to Dress Up Your Next Zoom Meeting

by Christina Holevas

Photograph by Marius W. Hansen; Styled by Nora Milch.

Members of the workforce whose offices have shifted into their living rooms, bedrooms, even closets in the pandemic are now more likely to be complimented on their Zoom background than the outfit they pulled together for the big virtual board meeting. Forced into tiny rectangle boxes, we’ve started dressing from the shoulders up and lost the impact of a full head-to-toe look completely. Much advice has been given on how to appear pulled together 60 seconds before turning your camera on—it generally involves red lipstick, a hairbrush, some blush. But there’s another easy way to get into the business mindset: jewelry. Sure, putting on some fine or costume pieces may seem silly when you can’t be bothered to even put on real pants. But it’s the quickest way to dress up the same Zoom top you’ve been wearing since—checks calendar—March. Here are some of the most dazzling jewels to wear to your next video call, or just around the house.

Repossi earring, 3,650 euro,

A single understated earring from Repossi will show your coworkers you have style.

Maria Tash ear climber, $750,

A splashy ear climber to distract from your messy bun.

Bulgari bracelet, $1,420,

An easy way to make your flannel or hoodie look special is with a double chain pendant necklace.

Van Cleef & Arpels earrings, $45,800,

For when you need a major dose of glam, these Van Cleef earrings will get the job done.

Cartier earring, $13,700,

Regardless of the Pantone colors of the year, turquoise is always on trend.

Sophie Buhai necklace, $2,295,

Trade delicate pearls for a larger set that will actually show up on camera.

Bottega Veneta necklace, $2,000,

Reminiscent of a landline phone cord, this Bottega Veneta necklace is a throwback to simpler times.

Hermès necklace, $6,150,

The benefit to being on screen is you can go big and bold without having the look feel too aggressive.

Tiffany & Co. earrings, $4,900,

Classic hoops frame the face and add a subtle hint of glamour.

De Beers necklace, $4,550,

I love the earthiness of this De Beers talisman necklace.

Messika earrings, $2,130,

These earrings have a slightly punk feel, adding edge to your Zoom uniform.

Paco Rabanne earring, $170,

This mesh earring will bring the party (even in your Monday morning meeting).

Yvonne Léon necklace, $2,365,

Show yourself a little love with this sweet, heart necklace.

Ana Khouri earrings, $6,911,

These baroque pearls are far from preppy.

Jacquie Aiche necklace, $13,452,

An heirloom-worthy diamonds, emerald, and opal necklace that’s meant to be worn not stashed away.

Luisa Alexander necklace, $8,180,

Serve your coworkers some rainbows with this Luisa Alexandra stunner.

Suzanne Kalan necklace, $17,000,

For those who take their diamonds with a twist.