Jillian Hervey’s Magnificent Mane

Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe

Singer Jillian Hervey, also known as Lion Babe, channels her stage name with a curly mane that’s larger than life. Why so big? It’s full of secrets, I mean, singles. Here, her best looks.


Jillian’s flouncing hair made her fringe dress seem tame in comparison.

Photo by Getty Images.


At the Afropunk Festival this summer, Jillian was on-theme with a massive mohawk.

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Here’s what happens when you brush out curls—and we approve of the result.

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Jillian wanted volume in every direction at the Levi’s collection launch this summer.

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A feather crown helped to keep all that hair off her face at Scala in London.

Photo by Getty Images.