Kimberly McDonald’s Rock Star Studio


Fine jewelry and home designer Kimberly McDonald likes to incorporate luxe, earthy elements in her designs. So when it came to designing a studio for herself, McDonald appropriately focused on the materials. “I believe that surrounding yourself with natural pieces and things that reference nature creates a peaceful space,” she explained. Take a tour here.


“I wanted the space to have great energy and feel like home, by mixing pieces from my home collection with antique objects and cool finds that I have collected over the years.”


“My mood board covers one entire wall. I take inspiration from nature of all kinds. It also includes images of places I have been or want to visit, and pictures that for me evoke the vibe I like to live my life on. Also, animal rights, welfare and preservation are of the utmost importance to me, so you will see a few images of my favorite species; you might even find a picture or two of my dogs…”


“I had the sofa and chairs recovered with my new signature fabrics, and filled the room with pillows that feature images of pieces from my namesake fine jewelry collection. The wall coverings are part of a collaboration with CIRCA/Phyllis Morris. The pattern we used is called Glam Rock and it’s done here in Malachite. I used the raw image of the same piece of malachite to create draperies that would complement the wall covering without being exactly the same. Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, and environment. The large agate wall light adds a soft warmth to the space.“


“I love this little Chinoiserie cabinet. I picked it up at an antiques market in Atlanta 18 years ago and it has traveled with me from the ATL to NYC and now to this space. It’s like an old familiar friend that I cannot imagine not seeing somewhere in my life. I think it’s from the 1950s. I’ve used it here as a little bar cabinet filled with some of my vintage silver pieces, all of which came from the Marches aux Puces in Paris and have been given new life with some great natural stones. And, of course, a bit of (good) tequila.”


“I love the mix of textures here; from rough agate slices to super-soft cashmere throws. I think it’s important to reference nature as much as it is to have actual pieces from the Earth. For example, my cashmere throws are inspired by the natural materials I work with throughout my collections. The agate sphere lamp is one of my favorites; when lit up it looks like a planet. I added a few figurines and small decorative boxes that pick up the gold background in the wallpaper.”


“I’ve resolved to hand-write more cards to friends and family, so I keep this stationery box on my desk to inspire me. It’s part of a limited-edition desk set we did with Mrs. John L. Strong. The cards are hand-engraved with a butterfly motif based on a one-of-a-kind brooch from my fine jewelry collection. I have to note that none of the stones I use are color treated. So when you see a KMD Home piece that is, for example, blue agate…it is 100% the natural color as it came from the Earth!”