5 Must-Know Korean Menswear Brands

Heich es Heich

After the runway shows at Seoul Fashion Week last month, plenty of the ladies in attendance left wishing they could borrow from the boys. The menswear here, which is consistently more developed than the women’s collections, did not disappoint, offering plenty in the way of hip, yet affordable, streetwear and tailored suiting. Here, five Korean brands that made a big splash. Stylish men (and women) everywhere, you’re going to want to know these names.



A winner with both buyers and editors this season, Moohong’s fall collection was inspired by the rebellious spirit of the teenage youth. Designer Kim Moo-hong reinterpreted those punk themes in a sophisticated way, resulting in a surprisingly elegant collection of avant-garde pieces with beautiful draping. The brand is currently stocked at Blackmail Boutique in Austin and Physical Element in Portland, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up in lots of other shops very soon.


Heich es Heich

Launched by Sanghyuk Han in 2013, Heich es Heich has made its name on its colorful, beautifully tailored suits. This season, the brand made a splash when a model came out on the catwalk riding a hoverboard while he took a selfie. However, the vibrant streetwear pieces in velvet and tinfoil, as well as the relaxed fit , camouflage suits, were also quite memorable.



Denim fanatics go nuts for Steve J. and Yoni P.’s denim creations, which are already stocked with international retailers like Colette, Net-a-Porter, and Opening Ceremony. In keeping with the rising trend of showing see-now, buy-now collections, they showed their Spring 2016 range of 80s-inspired, white-washed denim pieces in Seoul last month. And you can already shop the collection here.


Byungmun Seo

This was another clear favorite with the international editors and buyers on hand. Designer Byungmun Seo presented a range of refined streetwear, made of high-end fabrics in a limited color palette (mostly black, white, and gray). It’s elevated but with a real cool factor. The line is currently sold at Traffic in L.A. and Dallas, as well as H. Lorenzo in Hollywood. Ladies, luckily for you, there are also women’s pieces in the mix.


Kim Seo Ryong

Designed by Kim Seoryong, the collection’s theme for the fall season was “Solo.” For the designer, that meant a mixture of velvet suits in deep blue, white flower-printed black suits, and wool, camel-colored suits. It’s a fresh take on traditional tailoring with little punch to it—trousers had a slight flare at the hem, some pants came in cowhide or silk, and basic black jackets had meticulous little details in them that did not go unnoticed.

All photos courtesy of Hera Seoul Fashion Week.