Get to Know Scion of the Week Max Irons

Max Irons

Max Irons, the 30-year-old son of actors Jeremy Irons and Sinéad Cusack, has successfully made a name for himself as a model and actor. Born in Camden, London, his father discouraged him from becoming an actor, but still let him tag along to premieres. He had humble beginnings, however, and worked as a bartender while he was only landing small roles. In 2011, he landed his first major film role alongside Amanda Seyfried in Little Red Riding Hood, and has since starred in, The Host, The Riot Club, and The Woman In Gold. His next film, The Devil’s Harvest, premieres later this year. Thanks to his good genes, Irons has also dabbled in modeling with campaigns for Mango and Burberry, where he posed alongside none other than Kate Moss. Lastly, in addition to modeling and acting, Irons is quite the ladies’ man. Here’s everything you need to know.


Max Irons and Eva Green at the Orange British Academy Film Awards, 2011.

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Most recently, Irons could be found sitting front row at the Lanvin Menswear Spring 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week. This was not his first fashion show, nor his first front row date. This time, he brought girlfriend Sophie Pera, who he’s been dating since May 2013.

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Irons began his acting career in 2004, but before he hit it big, he attended premieres with his father, Jeremy Irons.

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Irons’ mother, Sinéad Cusack, is an actor as well and joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in London in 1975.

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Later in life, his red carpet companion became then-girlfriend actress Emily Browning. Here they are together at the 2011 Met Gala.

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In 2011, he landed a major film role in “Red Riding Hood” with Amanda Seyfried.

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He then went on to star in “The Host” with Diane Kruger and Saoirse Ronan.

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In 2015, he was cast in “The Woman In Gold,” alongside Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

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In addition to acting, Irons has also modeled in campaigns for Burberry alongside Kate Moss as well as for Mango.

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Unlike many scions, Irons has made a legitimate name for himself in the entertainment industry. And if Cara Delevingne approves, so do we.

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