Met Gala 2016 Hair and Beauty: From Lupita to Zendaya


The gowns are one thing, but going #ManusxMachina on one’s hair and makeup (or—in Kanye West’s case—eyes) raises the bar even further. We saw countless oxblood lips, silver locks, mega platinum bobs, and headpieces that made quite a statement. Some guests went so big, we’re guessing they might even still be trying to get the hair dye out today. But it’s the Met Gala, the biggest social event of the year, and you have to bring the drama. Major points to the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ciara, and more for giving it their all when it came to beauty last night. Here, our top 11 hair and beauty looks.


Lupita Nyong’o: The image that came to mind immediately was Jean Paul Goude’s infamous 1976 portrait of Carolina Beaumont – which Kim Kardashian later imitated – but truly this was Lupita at her best: bold, original, a trendsetter for the ages.


Zendaya: Her Space Age, Peggy Moffitt-like bowl hair was both perfection and retro.


Kanye West: Okay, maybe he doesn’t deserve an ‘A’ for effort, but those bizarre colored lenses he was wearing were creepy.


Kristen Stewart: Fan of her Chanel look or not, KStew seemed game with her silver lids and slightly askew hair.


Katy Perry: Wearing both the lip color of the night and the curious beehive headdress wig, Perry was this Met Gala’s Rihanna. And we haven’t even gotten to the gown yet…


Bette Midler: A galaxy headpiece swirling around out-of-this-world lashes? The divine Miss M got the memo.


Jourdan Dunn: Coloring her hair a cool metallic, purple-silver shade to match her Balmain gown was understated and bold at the same time.


Amandla Stenberg: With her dope, silver Lelet NY headband, she’s the winner of coolest hair accessory of the night.


Lady Gaga: Did Barbarella go through a platinum phase?


Ciara: Her Tin Man hair looked pretty cool. It also looked like it was a real challenge to shampoo out at the end of the night.


Rita Ora: Evidently, Ora’s hair and makeup team had plenty of leftover silver pigment.