Natalie Massenet Is Going to Be Just Fine

Natalie Massenet

This week, Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter, announced that she’s resigning from her post of executive chairman. The news comes shortly after the company’s recent merger with e-commerce group, Yoox, although a direct correlation is not yet confirmed. And while we imagine it wasn’t easy for Ms. Massenet to say goodbye to her own brainchild, we’re pretty sure she’ll be just fine when left to her own devices—take her dreamy travel-filled summer as proof.


Natalie’s been having a great summer. She traveled to the beaches of Naples, Italy.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


And saw the sights of Stockholm.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


She took her Gucci loafers seaside.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


And had an unidentified male cook her dinner in an amazing-looking abode.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


She’s got friends in high places, like Poppy Delevingne.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


And a family of her own to raise.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.


She’ll have no trouble finding ways to spend her time… and exit check. Best wishes, Natalie.

Photo courtesy of @Nataporter.