21 Ways to Style Your Net Bag, the Affordable Instagram Trend It Girls and Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of


It’s probably floated across your feed: an artfully composed image of a net bag, an international edition of Vogue or Porter slipped inside along with a trifecta of citrus fruits—lemons, limes, and especially oranges. Some girls have gotten even more inventive, stashing a bunch of carrots or even a medley of tomatoes and green peppers inside; the more advanced moves see style bloggers color-coordinating their nets to their fruits. It’s caught on among style bloggers, editors, and models like Doina Ciobanu, and unlike many a trend that takes root among It girls and influencers, it’s surprisingly affordable: The Line offers a particularly neutral shade for just $18. See how Instagrammers are making their net bags—and their produce—their own on Instagram with these 21 different ways to style net bags.


Photographer Elif of @thatsaleaf combines her on-trend net bag with equally of-the-moment matrix sunglasses and a straw hat.


Adela C. Mazankova, digital editor for Elle Czech, in Prague, Czechoslovakia, July 2017.


Net bags also work great as a backup option paired with a more statement-making piece.

Sylwia Dolores / Instagram

Double down on texture with a net bag and fluffy culottes à la stylist Sylwia Dolores.


Style blogger Aimee Song poses in Bridgehampton, New York, July 2017.


London style blogger Emma Hill explores Burano, Italy, armed with her net bag, July 2017.


One-half of the twin fashion blogger duo Su and Chris takes to the beach in Ibiza with a mesh bag to tote her citrus, July 2017.

Nelly Gavrilova / Instagram

Red mesh pairs well with gingham and tomatoes; green peppers offer a bit of fresh contrast.


Style blogger Alyssa Lenore subs out citrus for some sunflowers, July 2017.


Polish fashion blogger Julia Walenciejczyk, July 2017.

Les Fleurs / Instagram

Spanish vintage retailer Les Fleurs offers a beige version of the on-trend bag.

Brianna Lance / Instagram

Fashion editor and artist Brianna Lance sports a mesh bag from the Frankie Shop, June 2017.


Model Doina Ciobanu uses her mesh bag to store Tom Ford body spray, oranges, and apples when heading to the pool in St-Tropez, May 2017.


Designer Martyna Renk carries her mesh bag, with a sole orange, in Berlin, Germany, July 2017.


Publicist Tanja Deckstein carries her bag around Berlin, Germany, July 2017.


Though mesh bags work best with a cargo of oranges, they also pair well with Canadian tuxedoes and Gucci.


Net bags are also the ideal carrier for a haul of fresh peaches if you’re feeling a bit more Georgia and little less Florida.


Russian, London-based style blogger Kira toted her “IT bag” to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, July 2017.


Some It girls, like Finnish influencer Emma Jämsén, use their net totes as shopping bags, carrying precious cargo like fresh carrots.


Yet another endorsement for carrying your citrus in a net bag, this one courtesy of the Canadian-based Ankle Magazine.


They do, of course, risk getting a little tangled, as blogger Karolina Sabala shows here.