Not Just Another Pretty Face: Breaking Down Fall 2016’s Extreme Beauty Looks

The fall 2016 collections offered up many different visions of beauty.

May Inspiration Equation

A good Burgundy + Mary Todd Lincoln + Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber = Rodarte’s formidable flower child

Burgundy, Todd Lincoln, Rodarte: Getty Images; Dumb and Dumber: Courtesy of New Line Cinema.


A Margaret Keane painting + Cassius Clay, 1964 + Shaving cream = Fenty x Puma’s whitewashed waif

Keane’s Thank You, 2006: Courtesy of Keane Eyes Gallery, San Francisco; Clay, shaving cream, Fenty x Puma: Getty Images.


A Gene Simmons Kiss Pez dispenser + Bebe Daniels in The Maltese Falcon + Tammy Faye Bakker = Marc Jacobs’s damsel of darkness

Pez dispenser: Courtesy of; Daniels, Bakker, Marc Jacobs: Getty Images.


A matryoshka doll + Edie Beale + Alfalfa from The Little Rascals = Mary Katrantzou’s driving dame

Russian Doll, Alfalfa, Katrantzou: Getty Images; Beale/Grey Gardens: Courtesy of Everett Collection.


Donald Trump’s comb-over + A paintball splotch + A crown of thorns = A.F. Vandevorst’s zonked zombie

Trump, paintball, crown of thorns: Getty Images; A.F. Vandevorst: Indigital.