Pamela Anderson’s Teenage Boys, the New Kids on the Block

Pamela Anderson

Brandon Thomas Lee (19) and Dylan Jagger Lee (18), the two sons of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, have been in the spotlight since birth. But it wasn’t until they attended the Saint Laurent men’s wear show in Los Angeles last month that they caught the fashion world’s attention. According to Instagram, both spend their days surfing in Malibu — their mother’s stomping ground as well — but it’s clear that they’re ready to make a name for themselves. Get to know the two California bros, here.


Brandon Thomas Lee, Pamela Anderson and Dylan Jagger Lee attend the Saint Laurent show at The Hollywood Palladium on February 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

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Dylan is 18 and Brandon is 19-years-old.

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Being only one year apart, they’re almost never that. br>Photo by @dylanjaggerlee.


Both like to surf in Malibu, their mother’s stomping ground.

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…And take shirtless Instagrams.

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In addition to adorable #tbt’s with their mom.

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Brandon is eager to be his mother’s date at events like Sean Penn’s gala for Haiti, where he wore a blue suit and bow tie.

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And might be a young #menswear model in the making.

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He wasn’t always a fan of photographers, though! Here he is shying away back in 2005. Photo by Getty Images.


Dylan is a more laid back California boy.

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Who seems content with his guitar and golden retriever dogs.

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With parents like these though, these two bros are bound to take California by storm.

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