On The Road With Patricia Manfield

Patricia Manfield Glastonbury Travel Diary

You might not know her name, but if you’ve ever looked through a street style slideshow, you’ve seen Milan-based fashion blogger Patricia Manfield of The Atelier. The striking beauty has a knack for effortless, eye-catching dressing, and this past weekend she brought her unique chic to Glastonbury. “There were no street-style photographers and nobody was striking a pose,” she says. “Everyone was there for the music (and for the beer).” Tag along on her trip here.


“When I found out I had the opportunity to go to the Glastonbury Festival in England with Zadig & Voltaire, I was the happiest kid alive. I am a concert girl. I love the vibes, the music, and most especially the craziness that goes along with it. What I realized when I first set foot on Glastonbury territory was that there was no cell service, which meant putting the phone away for the whole day. But that’s when I got my camera out of my bag and started taking pictures of what I thought I had to show my friends once I got back home. This happened right after I passed through tickets control. An old couple started dancing in the most theatrical way and their whole crew even danced to Backstreet Boys after a bit. It immediately put me in the best mood possible.”


“I saw these walking sticks EVERYWHERE and I simply couldn’t understand the point of it. Then I found myself falling in the mud a couple minutes later and it suddenly all made sense to me.”


“This was happy me in the first hours of the festival, dancing to everything, from folk music to deep house.”


“Unless you’re the I-am-waiting-by-the-stage-at-4-am-in-the-morning girl, make sure you have got the nicest boyfriend in the world to carry you around like this so you can actually see something.”


“The amazing thing about Glastonbury was the fact that parents brought their kids along and let them run free and crazy. That inspired me to do the same when I have my own kids. It’s not a dangerous environment at all and it makes children more sensitive towards arts, theatre and music.”


“I didn’t quite get if the people who were running around like this were simply guests who wanted to give it 100% or if they were hired by Glastonbury as an added value to the craziness.”


“Rule number one, wear wellies and NO OTHER SHOES at Glastonbury. Rule number two, try to keep a certain distance from the toilets.”


“This is what the Pyramid stage (the main one) looks like.”


“It gets windy and it might also rain in Glastonbury so I’d advise you to layer dress, or bring a backpack and carry your warmer clothes with you.”


“See just how dirty your boots will get.”


“They had dozens of tents where you could get temporary tattoos or make-up.”


“Glastonbury is like a small town for 5 days with its own community so they have their own newspaper as well. This was Sunday’s (the night after Kanye West’s performance).”


“The ice cream breaks were basically every 30 minutes.”


“The festival was full of unique clothing pieces with interesting embroideries. Some of them were actually available in the little vintage markets on camp. No worries—you’ll find cash machines as well.”


“Seeing people sleeping in the middle of the crowd with a fake gun in their hands is normal.”


“This is the place where you could charge your phone battery and the line was getting longer and longer every time I’d pass by.”


“Hats were definitely the most amazing accessories at the festival.”


“It definitely felt like hippies finally found their place to be in the world.”


“Had to eat a burger in a school bus and then head back to my ‘hotel.’”


“Ever wondered what the tent of your dreams would look like? Well this is it. And I had the most amazing night’s sleep.“