Pretty Quirky

Sinful candles, fragrant jewels and an unusual hair remedy are among fall’s offbeat offerings.

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

Shu Uemura Phyto-Black Lift Radiance Boosting Lotion contains molasses and sugar extracts, both said to combat wrinkles. But its star ingredient is fermented black tea. The supercharged antioxidant is said to detoxify skin and promote brightness and elasticity—and may just surpass green tea as beauty’s leaf of choice. $45;

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

Venezuela native Marianella Febres-Cordero grew up making soaps in her mother’s kitchen on Sunday afternoons. Now her own Dallas kitchen has become the factory for Jabonería Marianella, a line of handmade soaps that come in seven nearly edible varieties, including crème brûlée, fruit tart and desert gardenia. $18 for a set of three;

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

It takes one to know one. Margherita Missoni, It girl and fashion scion, has designed a vintage-looking bead and gold-plate charm necklace called the “It” Item, which features a logo-bedecked orb filled with a solid version of Missoni Acqua, a sweet peony, violet and iris scent. $50;

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

Popping pills is encouraged at Kérastase. The company’s new Densitive Daily Anti-Hair Thinning, Anti-Hair Loss Dietary Supplement promises to promote thicker, denser and shinier hair with zinc (which produces keratin) and grape seed polyphenols (known to help nutrients circulate in the scalp). A committed relationship is required, though, as it takes six months to see results. $60;

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

Prim and proper stationer Mrs. John L. Strong is going naughty with its Seven Deadly Sins Collection candles. Each scent captures the aroma of one unholy transgression: Carrot seed and agar wood help Greed smell of freshly minted money; Gluttony oozes with cocoa and yeast; and Lust aims to smell like heated flesh—an appropriate, albeit aromatically odd, choice. $225 for the set;

Photographer: Thomas Iannaccone

The faux-pearl-and-jet-studded casing on MAC’s limited-edition Stylistics collection provides posh housing for popular items like Lipglass gloss and the silky Sheer Mystery Powder, which is available in three new shades. $45; at MAC stores.