Raf Simons’s Latest Crop of Models Has the Soundtrack to Your Summer

Written by Steph Eckardt
Photographs by Alex Hodor-Lee

“I technically sort of semi-retired last women’s fashion week, so I’m only doing this as like a favor for Raf,” said the model Julia Nobis, a seasoned favorite of Raf Simons, before his second-ever namesake show in New York. She’s not alone in making an exception for Simons, as few in fashion foster as much hype and genuine admiration. “This is going to be the best show I’ve ever done, and I’ve modeling for a while—four years—now,” said Jonas Gloër, who recently starred in Simons’s first campaign for Calvin Klein, alongside his girlfriend Kiki Willems. There were some new faces mixed in, too, like 18-year-old Ricky Graham, who just graduated high school and was scouted at a Beyoncé concert. His newbie status didn’t stop Simons from choosing him to open the show, a decision that seemed to owe at least in part to his musical sensibilities—Graham wandered around backstage, one headphone in, blithely listening to Father John Misty. It was only natural, then to find out what the rest of the über cool models walking Simons’s New Order-inspired show are listening to lately. Here, find out their picks for song of the summer.


Jonas Gloër, 22, “Tomorrow Is Another Day:” “I’ve been listening to some Bauhaus lately…but listen to the album ‘Maxed Out on Distractions‘ by Corners.”


Sarah Brannon, 21, New York Models: “Pride” by Kendrick Lamar.


Vanessa Axente, 21, DNA: “Wild Love” by Elle King.


Myles Dominique, 19, Fusion: “Signs” by Drake.


Doug Payne, “22 today,” State Management: “What’s that Smiths song that’s about dying and being on a bus?” [“There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by the Smiths.]


Ricky Graham, Soul, 18: “Bad 4 Us” by Superfruit.


Callum Stoddart, 18, Re:Quest: “South of the River” by Tom Misch.


Jemin Heo, 21, IMG: “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti.


Liam Little, 20, DNA: “Summertime Blues” by The Who.


Julia Nobis, 25, DNA: “I don’t know. I do not listen to the radio.”