Red-Carpet Drama

As awards season amps up, we dissect some of Hollywood’s most winsome looks.

Inspiration Equation

Nancy Kerrigan’s skating outfit + Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek + a doily = Rooney Mara’s lacy lady.

Kerrigan, doily, Mara: Courtesy of Getty Images; Star Trek: Paramount/courtesy of Everett Collection.


Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome + fish scales + Lauren Bacall in Dark Passage = Kerry Washington’s flashy femme fatale.

Washington, fish scales: Courtesy of Getty Images; Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection; Bacall: Courtesy of Everett Collection.


Pat O’Brien in The Night of Nights + a field of lavender + nautical nets = Carey Mulligan’s romantic ingenue.

O’Brien: Courtesy of Everett Collection; field of lavender, nets, Mulligan: Courtesy of Getty Images.


Princess Jasmine from Aladdin + a paper towel dispenser + a mechanical claw = Taraji P. Henson’s tough cookie.

Princess Jasmine: courtesy of Disney; paper towel dispenser, mechanical claw, Henson: Courtesy of Getty Images.


Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides + Ann Sothern in Lady Be Good + sherbet = Elle Fanning’s pastel maiden.

Sothern : Courtesy of Everett Collection; Fanning, sherbet: Courtesy of Getty Images; The Virgin Suicides: courtesy of Paramount Classics.