Red Riding Hood

Director Catherine Hardwicke takes us behind the scenes of her twisted fairy tale.

Photographer: Christopher Anderson

“My background is in production design, so I’ve always been interested in creating a unique world. I looked at a million images to get inspiration for the cape. A few years ago, Alexander McQueen had these brilliant crimson-cloaked girls in his show, which were very inspiring. Tom Sanders, the set designer made the trees enormous and added thorns. They’re striking and gorgeous.”

Photographer: Christopher Anderson

“Amanda lunching with Shiloh Fernandez, who plays the guy she feels is her soulmate. He’s a woodcutter with a troubled past, a bad boy.”

Photographer: Christopher Anderson

“Grandmother’s house—and Julie Christie! My dream come true. Grandmothers nowadays are hip, sexy, radical. Julie is our SoHo granny.”