Roxanne Lowit’s Magical Moments With Cindy, Naomi and Linda

Roxanne Lowit

From Salvador Dali to Giorgio Armani, Roxanne Lowit has photographed some of the world’s most intriguing figures from the worlds of fashion, society and art. These moments and more are the subject of “Magic Moments,” a new documentary by filmmaker Yvonne Scio. To mark the film’s American debut at New York’s Museum of Art & Design, W recently organized a screening attended by the likes of Angela Missoni, Rosita Missoni and Susanne Bartsch. Here, Lowitt shared some her favorite images and the stories behind each the shots.


“Rub-a-dub-dub, three models in a tub! This is at an after-party for Versace Couture at the Ritz. We were all in the bathroom together with Sylvester Stallone. He was pretending to turn the water on, which is why they’re laughing and squealing.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“These ladies are dressed to kill! Inspired by an Annie Leibovitz photo of Joan and Jackie Collins.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“David [LaChapelle] and Pamela [Anderson] are two crazy kids out on the town, on their way to the Oscars.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Giambattista Valli is looking très chic as he channels Coco Chanel.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Jean Michel Basquiat was one cool cat, looking sharp and having a smoke on the down low at The Palladium.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“You’ll never meet a more professional, charming guy then Giorgio Armani. Here he is looking cool and stylish in his car.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Julian Schnabel kissing Andy Warhol in a touching, tender moment together.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“I love how excited they are, gossiping and leaning in together like they have so much to catch up on when, meanwhile, they had just seen each other earlier that same day for lunch.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Pop goes the weasel! A cigarette pops each balloon until there are no more left and all is exposed. Ooh la la!”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Christopher Meloni is letting loose with a little help from Lady Ace.”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“Actor Scott Cohen is holding on tight!”

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.


“The second picture is of me in NY, during the German Vogue shot. I was pretending to strike a pose like Marilyn, wearing a Roberto Cavalli outfit. I had a few days off, as I was shooting in Seattle Rose Red written by Steven King. The same night, I remember that Roxanne shot Little Kim, who had just got out of prison.” — Yvonne Scio

Photo by Roxanne Lowit.