Must-Follow Social Media Stars of 2016


So many social media stars, so little time. How to pick who to actually follow? The personalities on this list have been bubbling up in the last year – one of them, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, is the progeny of an acclaimed actor; another, Hari Nef, recently notched a recurring arc on Amazon’s Transparent, and was tapped by Gucci to take over its Snapchat account during Milan Fashion Week. Then there’s Brookyn Beckham’s girlfriend, Sonia Ben Ammar. In 2016, they might actually blow up beyond their hundreds of thousands of followers. In their accounts, you can expect lots of selfies – usually with a famous buddy, like Rihanna – perfectly color-corrected snaps, and plenty of eye candy. Follow them now so you can say you knew them before they were (too) cool.


Handle: @itsnotsonia

Followers: 102K

Why: [](>Brooklyn Beckham‘s model girlfriend who loves ’90s chokers.



Handle: @harinef

Followers: 54K

Why: Smart model with a Twitter presence; star of Transparent.


Handle: @lukasabbat

Followers: 156K

Why: Kanye West protégé; sat front row at fashion shows as a baby.


Handle: @camerondallas

Followers: 9.5M

Why: Vine star-turned fashion fan; the edgier Lucky Blue Smith.


Handle: @lirisaw

Followers: 14K

Why: Jude Law’s model daughter.


Handle: @gabrielkaneofficial

Followers: 27K

Why: Daniel Day-Lewis’ model son who’s been adopted by Karl Lagerfeld.


Handle: @artbabygirl

Followers: 41K

Why: Fans of her art include Tavi and Lena Dunham.


Handle: @sensitiveblackperson

Followers: 48K

Why: Feed is an art piece itself; includes politically-charged collages.


Handle: @kriskidd

Followers: 18K

Why: “Young, hot, and hating it.”


Handle: @kaiagerber

Followers: 314K

Why: Cindy Crawford’s model daughter.