Add Some Flair to Your Hair With These 6 Pieces from Amazon

While the most useful hair accessory for anyone with long hair will always be that one trusty elastic that lives on your wrist, why not make room for something more exciting? Whether you’re channeling the 90s with pastel clips, going for a cheeky Upper East Side look with a black velvet bow, or keeping it together with a classic headband, these pieces will elevate any ensemble. (Particularly relevant for 2020: Any of them will instantly pull you together for those times you’re scrambling to look presentable before a Zoom call.)

Lurrose bow, $9,

This chic black bow is a steal to cop for any occasion. The square shape keeps it from being too girlish.

Scunci headbands, $5,

Time travel back to the early ‘00s with this pack of plastic headbands. From a classic black to a more unexpected blue, there is a headband for all your upcoming looks.

Camila hair clips, $15,

These tortoise shell clips are as durable as they are chic. Naturally, they’re made in Paris.

Angla hair clips, $11,

Add some pastel to your hair accessory palette with this pack of clips. The marble finish is a cute touch for when you want to throw your locks up.

Kitsch scrunchies, $8,

Tie up your hair safely and with style from these silk scrunchies from Kitsch. No creases will be found!

Numblartd bobby pins, $9,

Everyone looks good in pearls, so why not wear them in your hair? These bobby pins are a charming choice.