Inside My Jewelry Box: Temple St. Clair


Take look inside designer Temple St. Clair’s jewelry box, from her personal creations to pieces she’s picked up along the way.

Photographer: Horacio Salinas

“The beads are Naga beads that I collected on a four month trip to India years ago. Apparently the Naga tribes people wore little more than jewelry—my kind of people! At the time, I met a woman from Bali who was buying these beads along with fabrics to resell and make her living. I was inspired to do the same, but ended up not parting with the beads and designing my own jewels instead.”

Photographer: Horacio Salinas

“The vine amulet of my own design is one of my perennial favorites. My amulets were originally inspired by medieval amulets that I saw in Florence. I wear this one most days on a leather cord.”

Photographer: Horacio Salinas

“These lockets are Victorian. They were given to my great grandmother, Mamie, by my great grandfather who was known to all as Big Daddy. He was an elegant gentleman in pure southern style.”

Photographer: Horacio Salinas

“I adapted this antique Japanese sewing box to be my jewelry box. It contains some of my jewels and treasures.”

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Photographer: Horacio Salinas

Jewelry designer Temple St. Clair is a Virginia native who studied art and literature at Smith College and in Florence, Italy. She has collaborated with master artisans in Florence for the past twenty years and is well known for her signature rock crystal amulets, her use of fine colored gemstones and her distinctive gold work. Having spent over a decade living and studying in Europe, Temple draws her inspiration and influence from the Mediterranean basin.